Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Am On...

I did not want to do this... I really do NOT want to do this... I love blogging, I love reading your thoughts and experiences... I must admit that I am indeed taking a break from writing. It is quite evident from my lack of posts that blog writing is not in my focus. Oh I journal daily and there's a myriad of thoughts and posts roaming through my brain but the act of sitting still long enough to allow my thoughts to run through to my finger tips and type is such an arduous task for me right now. I really do not want to do this... but I must.

Before I go though... I wish you all a beautifully brilliant Black History Month for Black History is American History. Enjoy these upcoming Black Love days and I appeal to you to do something loving for the people in your family, your friends and your community. Go to your local library, engage in cultural activities and celebrate your Blackness. Remember that one drop rule... we pro'lly all Black anyway. Black pride!

February 7th was HIV awareness day but I implore all of you use this entire month to know more about HIV and to get tested!!! Know your status and protect yourselves. I love sex, it feels inexplicably great but it feels even better when you know that you are having healthy sex. Wrap that thang up! And take advantage of free testing. You know it's not really free right? Government agencies provide funding to nonprofit groups that will provide testing. That's a beautiful thing. We would take advantage of free concert tickets, free clothing or free food. Let's take advantage of free testing and awareness. If you're in the NY area, my church (In the Bronx) offers free testing every 2nd Saturday and next Friday, the 19th, we are having free testing from 5 - 9PM. Leave me your email address in the comments and I will be sure to email you the address.

Lastly, February is American Heart Month. Let us take the initiative to eat healthier, be more active, drink less alcohol, smoke less cigarettes and focus on our Heart Health.

I love you all... I miss you dearly... but I shall "see" you all very very soon!

Peace & Blessings

Monday, February 1, 2010

Life Overhaul

I believe that most change is gradual. Even the times when I did a 180, I find that the gear was set long before I made the turn. And with that, my reasons for not writing, posting or blog hopping as much as I'd like is because I've been overhauling my life.

A while ago I spoke about being on time for work, losing weight, saving money, and making some of my dreams realities... well the other day, I was talking with someone and after that conversation, I made a decision to overhaul my life. My mom tooted up her face at me and my co-worker uh huh'ed me. I'd mentioned the changes I wanted to make plenty of times before and the proof would have to be in the puddin'. That next Monday, I walked into work a whole hour earlier (my original time for work), did all that was on my to-do list, left out the door 8 hours later and headed home to get myself right for the next day. I know I was expected to show up at my regular late time on Tuesday but I shocked my supervisor and myself by showing up early again.

It was something said in that conversation I was having- it was a getting to know you conversation... I was talking about myself and realized how routine my life was but also how messy. My last achievement was 5 years ago and since then I've created this rut that I've been wallowing in. First things first, I needed to be on time - for everything. I needed to get to bed on time. I needed to stop taking advantage and riding through life and really start paying attention to my activities and where I placed all of my energy because lawd knows I was tired all of the time, having nothing to show for it.

Instantly, my energy increased. Instantly eating healthier became easier. My body feels better and I'm getting more done... That brings me back to this... My thoughts are clearer and my creativity is flowing. I put first things first and now everything else is falling into place...