Wednesday, March 24, 2010

after the rain

I love the rain... even when it's coming down in sheets as it did the other night... there is something so calming, soothing about rain. It makes me want to stay low-key and silent, and it doesn't help that my body seems to hurt when the atmosphere changes and I know rain is in the forecast. I am almost forced to slow down and retreat. I have learned to appreciate rain. It moisturizes the air and brings nourishment to the earth. And then after the rain, the sun shines again. The skies are clearer, the air is lighter, you can breathe easier.

And that's how I'm feeling right now... I can breathe easier.

For the brief time that I was away from blogging, I felt like I was wearing a poncho and heavy behind rain boots because it was raining all the time... sporadic rain, sometimes a downpour, sometimes a drizzle and when it wasn't raining, it was just gray. I have finally carved out some time so that my creative side can thrive, once again.

I felt like I should done better for myself to prepare for the rain. I knew what season it was in my life, I knew what to expect yet I failed to prepare myself and instead I burned out. Well now I am on the mend. Rain is necessary and rain is inevitable but it doesn't have to be so hard to endure. I have learned that lesson.

Rain by SWV... one of my favorite songs


Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Glad to see you return the land of blogging.

This winter was crazy with the mix of rain, sleet and snow. I agree it was kind of nice to have the solitude to reflect, recharge and regroup. favorite Cuban group is headed to NY in June. Trying my best to make that work as a weekend getaway ;)


The True Urban Queen said...

I guess the rain must fall in all of our lives so that we can truly appriciate the sun when it shines again.

So, I should be thankful for the rain and the sometimes thunderstorms.

Welcome back.

Lovebabz said...

Rain tears is cleansing.

We all need a break.


MsKnowitAll said...

Thank you Ladies... it's great to be back... or on my way back... ;-)

Don said...

I too enjoy the rain myself, at this stage (age) of my life. I wouldn't have imagined I could ever enjoy what used to signal dismal. But, nowadays, there is hardly anything better than rain. There is just something very soothing about it, which allows me to remain in touch with my inner being.

Welcome back.

MsKnowitAll said...

Thank you Don...

Liryc's pRHOfyle (Ms.Liryc) said...

I am glad to have you back, I was wondering if you were going to return to your love. You love writing and taking yourself from this equation seems so odd.. but I'm glad you're back.

As for RAIN, I love love love that song!