Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thursday - My Monday

I'm so down and I just can't explain because I have no reason for it. Just in a funk and I don't like it. I often combat this by being grateful and journaling my grateful list and when I feel the heaviness of baggage building on my back, I recite the Serenity Prayer. This tends to work.

However I've been feeling like my life needs a change of scenery. Like I need to make some power moves. Possibly meet some new folks, network some. Read a new book - different genre, not my usual favorite authors.

I was in church on Sunday and in the sermon, the preacher spoke about stirring up your life. Now that would be great if I knew what areas of my life needed stirring. I'm content in my relationship, church & church work are good, work is great...

I could cut my hair ALL off. I recently chopped about 5 inches off and you would think I got a barbershop caesar with the way my friends questioned me. Everytime I suggest this to anyone close to me except my bestfriend D.C. they all tell me that I look great with hair. D.C. thinks I look fabulous and should try everything. I could stand to chop off another 3 inches...

I could dye my hair. What's funny about this is I'm 30 something, an early 30 something at that, and my grays are showing up quickly. I'm not bothered by it. I hardly notice it until I'm parting my hair or like today when the stubborn gray stuck straight up until I put some water & lotion on it - lol. I wouldn't even know where to begin because I have never dyed my hair. Here I am scared of hair dye when I put chemicals in it every 6 weeks. Now I know I should be scared of putting 2 chemicals in my hair.

I could continue this weight loss journey. I've been a standstill weight for the past 2 years after losing 50 pounds. I'm glad I don't have the excess weight that I had but I admit that this heavy duty, yet shapely, sista got a ways to go. This one actually isn't a could, it's a must, a certain must.

I could go back to school for another degree. This actually doesn't excite me at all. I finished getting my master's 2 years ago and have not felt the sting or desire for the classroom setting since. I wouldn't even know what to study this time. This goes to the bottom of my mental list of things to think about.

So I'll just end this here with what I'm grateful for:
Hot autumn days like today so I can still show some skin
It's pay day Thursday
A day to just relax & be
Jill Scott's new CD
It's one week before my birthday!!!!!!!!


Opinionated Diva said...

When was the last time you went on vacation? A REAL vacation in another country?

Sounds like you could use some fun in the sun, with your toes playing in the wet sand and a cool drink in your hand! hey...that all rhymes! lol

Ms.KnowitAll said...

a vacation is exactly what i need. but i can't afford the one i want right now. i'm taking some time off for my BIRTHDAY!!!!! this coming Thursday.

Opinionated Diva said...

Good for you! A few days off will do ya some good.

And a Happy Early Birthday shout out to ya!

Ms.KnowitAll said...

thanks diva!!! i am too excited!!!