Monday, July 26, 2010

can i be your baby daddy?

june 25th and 26th, yes two days in a row, i went to madison square garden.  i had tickets to hear, to see, to feel maxwell.

when i heard he was coming to NYC, i booked my ticket for the show on the 25th.  the romantic side of me wanted to buy two, one for me and one for my cat daddy, but my realistic side told me to go solo.

it was only after i was seated that i felt a little alone but when maxwell came out on the stage, it became a private experience that i was so glad i went all by myself.

maxwell did not disappoint!  his energy levels were high as he sang and danced to his newer music and some of his old hits... and when the not so impromptu thong panties hit the stage and he wrapped them around the microphone and simulated something sexual with them thangs, i couldn't help but say out loud... "damn maxwell, you nasty".

he opened with "sumthin sumthin" and closed with... "pretty wings"...  and in between he rocked us with "reunion", "til the cops come knockin'", "lifetime", "stop the world", "bad habits", "drowndeep: hula" and other hits... but when he sang "this woman's work" he asked the ladies in msg can i be your baby daddy? all of the women went carazy!

jill scott opened for him on friday night... i always try to catch jill when she comes to ny but i've been missing her lately... i fall deeper and deeper in love with her art with every concert appearance.  she sang her older songs and something new to come.  i was blown away.  she was the perfect appetizer for the main course... she definitely got the ladies warmed up, feeling feminine and sexual and beautiful as she sang "golden", "he loves me", "hate on me", "long walk", and a new joint "i love you".

that was friday...

my mom happens to be an employee of madison square garden and got tickets for saturday's show... she was going to give me the tickets but i insisted that she go with me.  my mother is a homebody like my girl DC, in fact, i joke with them both that DC is truly my mother's off-spring... so on saturday my mother got dressed and we hit the town... tell me why my mother looked younger than me?  she loved the show!  she danced when maxwell danced and screamed as he wooed the women with his lyrics.

my soul-sista erykah opened on saturday night with songs from her new cd new amerykah: part two return of the ankh... "20 feet tall", "ummm hmmm" and my favorite "out my mind, just in time" but she didn't sing "window seat". :-( while her performance is always on point and thrilling to me, she wasn't the right fit... not the same level of sexy... no where near the same level of energy as jill scott and maxwell.  i enjoyed her though, a true fanatic i am.  she also sang her older songs... "me", "the healer", "on&on", "no love" and my other favorite "i want you".

all in all... maxwell dazzled me... i still get a little woozy when i think about how he performed and how my left eye swole with tears... i beam on the inside part.  you know how you see the footage of women swooning and falling out at old michael jackson concerts or even elvis? i almost felt like that... almost.


GC {God's Child} said...

Erykah Badu was in town and I missed it. . . . boo

MsKnowitAll said...

Sorry GC... she was here for a minute too - at Roseland and with Maxwell.

Mizrepresent said...

Kia, i feel u on Maxwell and Jilly i saw their concert in the A and i was so in awe...moved my soul. God bless them for their talent and how that talent transpires and finds us all.

MsKnowitAll said...

Miz... exactly how I felt... moved. That concert is engraved in my memory.

25champ said...

I'm sure that concert was off the chain. Maxwell is one of my fav artist and I know this womans wrk and drown deep hula was amazing performances. There couldn't be any better opening acts than to have Jill and Erykah. Wow! Not many ppl I'm am willing to c perform fortunately I've seen all three on seperate occasions. Thanks 4 sharing.

MsKnowitAll said...

Champ... i thought maxwell would be redundant twice in a row but i underestimated him. with his energy and his talent, he was remarkable. and with those soul sisters... greatness.