Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wow! Time truly flies...

Wow... I can't believe my last post was in November. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, King Day, Valentine's Day and the entire Black History Month have come and gone and I haven't dropped a sentence?!?!?! Well... it's good to come back "home".

Let me share what I been up to over these few months...

My nephew returned home from Iraq in December YAAAY and drove up to spend Christmas with his New York family - that brought so much joy to my heart. He is well, mentally and physically, and that's my answered prayer.

I am not busting moves... I long to call up or send a text to my Ole Thang for ole time sakes - busting a move that could temporarily end my lonely moments - but I remember my "neverlution" at the beginning of the year to leave the ole things in 2011. So far I'm enjoying my singlehood and I know when the time is right, "he" will materialize in my life.

I've been listening to... Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp, Kirk Franklin and J. Moss since giving up Dwele for Lent. Can I tell you that Dwele's voice - for me - is addictive! I can listen to that man mo'nin, noon and night plus go to sleep while he serenades me. I deleted him from my mp3 player and avoid him entirely on Windows Media. Giving up Dwele was my last lenten sacrifice, a throw in, to show that I'm for real in this season of surrender.

Lent...  While people tend to give up chocolate, meat, caffeine... I'm realistic with myself. I don't eat meat, so that can't be my sacrifice. I love chocolate and caffeine and truthfully neither of those things have hindered my spiritual relationship. So what I gave up was shopping for anything other than necessities, lateness and as I already mentioned *sigh* Dwele. I spend a lot of time shopping and online window shopping - A LOT of time! Not shopping gives me back awareness, plus time to read and pray. Lateness is self explanatory... by being prepared and on time for EVERYTHING I stress less. I do plan on shopping after Easter and listening to Dwele again but hopefully being on time and prepared will be a habit I stick to.

I've been reading... Daniel Black's "They Tell Me of a Home" and for some reason I am not drawn in. I'm currently on page 60 but I've had this book for 3 weeks! If it was written by Walter Mosley or Tananarive Due, I know I'd be done and on to the next one. Since I read this author before... "Perfect Peace" I know it will get better towards the end.

I've been watching... Netflix is so good because there are no fees for not returning a movie promptly. I finally watched The Help this week after having it for nearly a month. The movie really made me mad but other than that, I enjoyed it. I have another movie in the house but I can't remember what on earth the title is.

I've been socializing... Sorta. I went to a fashion show/clothing line launch thingy. I had a blast. The designer, Emilio Sosa, was previously on Project Runway, season 7. Unfortunately he didn't win. He's the cousin of one of my good friends... that's the only reason I would have been there. My only problem was that I was expecting a fashion week kind of fashion show... The one with the rows of seats and the real good goodie bags. Not this time. We stood in a room at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre here in NY while the models wore his wares. That wouldn't have been a problem had I worn flats but I loved his designs and hope that clothing line rises through the stratosphere. I have a really funny story about that night that I'll probably blog about later.

Well that's about all for now... I'll be back soon. This time away was much too long and I just realized while typing that I really do miss blogging.

Here's a pic from the night at E Sosa's Clothing Line Launch...

That's me on the left side, my friend and her sisters flow all the way to the right...



kraizeewhiz abraham said...

Welcome back and you're invited to my blog

Lovebabz said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!Happy President's Day, Happy Valentine's Day!
Nice to have you back in the blogsphere!


Chasity said...

follow my blog!

Don said...

Yes it has been awhile...for myself, as well. But look at all the fun we had in the meanwhile. Lol. Welcome back.

I feel you on the book reading. It just seems to be a certain drive when it comes to reading authors with whom we are familiar, no matter if another's author read is just as good.

Netflix is cool.

do you believe you'd become addicted to your ex, if you caved into your feelings on particular nights?

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Romeo said...

Time truly flies... it flies fast actually. We really have to make the best out of it. :)

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