Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dedicated to My Sister-Friend, D.C.

As I mentioned before, music rules my life. It is the core of my very existence. I move to it, breathe it in, exhale. If they ever invented a reality show, "Guess This Singer", I would be the reknowned champion , because I'm so good recognizing singer's voices. Oh how I loves me some good soul gripping, eye tearing, makes me wanna lay up under, on top of, swoon to it, kinda music. Whew!
And so tonight I'm up on the PC, listening to my favorite playlist and I start thinking about past loves and past lifetimes and me and my bestest girlfriend, D.C. D.C. is my closest friend, you know the kind of friend where if they ever leaked your info, you'd know exactly who to come for 'cause you ain't told no one but them and after you bless them out, y'all won't speak for weeks but as soon as something comes up you're running over to them- that's us! Well me and DC both love music but I'm a little more passionate for it. I've always been the supplier of the newest CDs in our lives.
As we've grown up, we've grown a little apart with varied stages of maturity but one thing I truly miss about our early 20s is when we chose theme songs. Usually there were theme songs for the summer, a new love, the New Year, and just about anything going on in our lives and not just the newer songs but some oldies too. We hardly have time to sit with each other and listen to a full CD together like we used to but tonight I'll do this solo for me and my sister-friend, this is to us! I miss you DC!

For our season of heartbreak:
"Bruised But Not Broken" - Joss Stone
"Officially Missing You" - Tamia
"Almost" - Tamia
"I Don't Wanna" - Aaliyah
For our season of happiness:
"Girl They Won't Believe It" - Joss Stone
For our season of [love] confusion:
"Gills & Tails" - Amel Larrieux
"Feelings" - Floetry
"Another Again" - John Legend
For our season of letting go:
"UHaul" - Angie Stone
"When A Woman" - Tamia
For our season of falling in love:
"We Can Be New" - Amel Larrieux
"Become Us" - Tamia
"Last First Kiss" - Tamia
"Sittin on the Job" - Tamia
For our season of being confident:
"Me" - Tamia
Our favorite party song of '07:
"B.U.D.D.Y" - Musiq (Soulchild)


Anonymous said...

first time comin thru--I likes...

Honey-Libra said...

I love you list...I love hanging out with my girls cause when our song comes know we are all over the place LOL

Ms.KnowitAll said...

thanks yazmar - love your short video of dave chappelle - was cracking the mess up.

Ms.KnowitAll said...

thank you honey-libra. don't you have a birthday coming up soon. us libras gonna celebrate our birthdays soon.

Anonymous said...

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