Friday, August 17, 2007

Living in da hood!?!?!?!

I absolutely love my apartment. It's huge and well furnished and when the sun is out it shines through the windows and onto the floor - it's beautiful. But don't lurk outside of the apartment building because there just ain't no tellin' what you may find - trash in the hallways, week old birthday cake on the floor, potato chip bags on the elevators or worse - wet footsteps in the hallway due to the little kiddies playing in the darn fire hydrant.

It just so happens to be cooling off in NYC but a few weeks ago it was humid and sticky, night and day. However I'm fuming because the hydrants are still on. Yes that's right. 5-0 is outside every morning parked in their little buggy but they can't turn the hydrant off. This weekend the temperatures will reportedly be around 75 degrees but that water will still be flowing, I'm sure of it.

Now I believe secretly they want us to deplete our water supply because, God forbid a fire breaks out before summer is officially over, but our water pressure is so darn low now... I can't bare to continue... But when in the world will they get tired of the rushing of water from the hydrant? Around Thanksgiving when the rushing water turns to ice? This is ridiculous.

I'm a tattle-tell and I have no problem calling the police or the fire department for anything. I used to have the number to report fire hydrant openings programmed in my cellular because if I turned the corner and the hydrant was open, I was a'calling the authorities to SHUT IT OFF! This summer I got lazy about it, which is why the hydrants continue flowing and I can't believe that me and my mom are the only 2 people on that whole entire block who make those phone calls. That can't be. Maybe the authorities don't care and decided "nah we'll just let those kneegros waste water".
The thing is rent is cheaper in the hood. The rooms tend to be bigger and once you settle in and get comfortable... who wants to move and rent an apartment with smaller space and more than anyone single person can afford? The going rate for a decent studio apartment in NYC is $750. I pay a little more than that for a 3 room apartment. Ya feel me?
About a month ago a friend of mine came to visit and the elevator wasn't working so he had to walk up to the 4th floor in the heat with his asthma acting up. I apologized profusely. Then 2 weeks after he came by again and this time the hydrants were flowing - all 4 of them! I was terribly embarrassed. He assured me though saying "look here shawty, it ain't nothing but a thang, I live in 'da hood too boo".

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deepnthought said...

I am not really big on city living. I used to be in my youth. Now, I am really into country living. I love small towns and big yards. I live in the hood right now and I understand all too well.