Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Like Fine Wine....

Those two 67 year-old men can out-sing, out-dance most of the performers on the B.E.T. awards! I wish I could post the O'Jays performance here ... but Viacom had it removed from YouTube...

The FCC is going to get you B.E.T.! I have yet to really comment about the B.E.T. Awards because I am actually unimpressed. While I found Jamie Foxx to be vulgar (and I appreciate vulgar), there were children in the audience... of course they were children of rappers who sing songs like "Every Girl"... but children none the less.

What was that with Ving Rhames, Tyrese and Taraji? No really, what was that? While I love Baby Boy, the ultimate mama's boy, coming of age movie... B.E.T... really? You couldn't curtail that? Especially knowing that it was not scripted? Ving, Taraji, you are not improv actors and Tyrese you're excused...

Because when Tyrese, Johnny and Trey as well as Tevin Campbell took the stage, y'all made mama happeeeeeeeeeee!

Ne-yo moved me! I'm not a true fan of his, though I own his first album and right now I have no idea where it is. Ask me where is my Anita or my Erykah... But he offered his best in his performances and it was clearly visible... his craftsmanship, his committment to the art.

What ever happened to opening the show with a choreographed performances ala Paula Abdul? Or the all-star performances at the end of the awards ceremonies? I miss that... very much.

While Jay-Z is not my favorite rapper or performer, I really liked D.O.A.
T-Pain with his Big Ass Chain... 10lbs, 197 karats, $410,000... what a freaking waste!
And Maxwell... mmm mmm mmmmmm
"It's the God in Me" Mary Mary featuring Queen La, great!


The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Well, I have been very vocal about how unimpressed I was with that crappy award show. And their weak tribute to Michael. . .last minute or not . . it could have been better.

That Baby Boy skit was a hot mess. "Say it with me. . .BET Awards is a gun" . . . WTH . .there was more than kool-aid in that pitcher.

Even ignoring the non-tribute that show was p*ss poor.

The sound man was confused.

And all those promos for Tiny and Toya . . . I will refrain from saying anything about that . . .

Bey performance was dry. . .it was not the Oscars.

And I am so sorry, but I don't like that Blame it on the Alcohol remix Mary Mary made. Sorry. (that has nothing with the awards that is a personal thing).

I don't know why I am so hot because BET has been nothing to watch for years.

Alright, I am going to stop venting at your spot.

Lovebabz said...

Sister & True Urban Queen,

You both have given voice to my feelings. We accept that BET mess because we believe we couldn't do better. BET AIN'T NEVER REPRESENTED!

Perhaps TV ONe could pull together a more worthy tribute or UNCF for next year.

(walking away kicking rocks...shaking my head DAMN.)

clnmike said...

I stopped watching BET's award shows and award shows in general, they all seem recycled.

MsKnowitAll said...

Queen... You can vent all you want over here.

You think Ving was sipping? That's a mess if he was.

You heard the "Blame It On The Alcohol" Mary Mary version? Which is Pharrells' beat from Snoop's "Drop It Like It's Hot"... I still like it - the message in the Mary Mary version that is.

Sister Lovebabz... You're absolutely correct! It would have been nice of BET to bow out of it's whack attempt or aim to do better with the proper planning and spirit behind it.

Clnmike... I can't agree with you more. I'm still tasting sour BET on my tongue. So I probably won't be watching the awards ceremonies on the future.