Friday, September 4, 2009

Somebody's daughter

I love a little gossip... the surface story... a little headline...

Common & Serena Williams
Halle Berry is expecting again

I could really care less about the details. Celebrity life is no different from yours or mine, it's just on public display. However I came across a story today that disturbed me.

Maia Campbell was a sitcom and music video star in the 90s when she suddenly dropped from the starlight. She wasn't a huge star to be missed by the masses however lately she's making a comeback in the media gossip mainstream.

Footage of Maia, which may or may not be recent, can be found all over the web. She's cursing, slightly incoherent and her appearance is sub-par. You may have heard of her mother , author Elizabeth "Bebe" Moore Campbell who passed away in 2006. She wrote a book back in 2003 titled 72 Hour Hold. I have always speculated that the character in the book, Trina, is really Maia. Trina has bipolar disorder and the book details her mother's struggles to cope with Trina's illness.

The idiot who videoed her, or better put, exploited her, propositioned her for oral sex and laughed at her strange behavior. The bloggers have labeled her as a prostitute, a meth addict, a crackhead. The driver of the car she sat in berated her for causing a scene when it was the exploiter who provoked her. Is she high on drugs? Is she prostituting as the gossip blogs suggest? That's NOT what I saw in the clip.

There is nothing fascinating about that video. It's not entertainment. It's exploitation, plain and simple. I didn't see a crackwhore acting crazy. I saw a young woman who is not well, in need of help.

My prayer is that the video is not recent. My prayer is that Maia is getting help. My prayer is that someone knows and finds the cowards who videoed her.

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Lovebabz said...

GOD bless you SISTER for taking this stance and posting this. You are doing what we need to do...CARE. Indeed she is somebody's daughter. You do not have to birth a child to understand that...we all were birthed.

I too hope this young Sister finds her way back to a life that fulfills and strengthens and restores her.

Luv said...

this is so sad..i had no idea

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I heard a long time ago that she had a mental disorder and that is why she dropped off. Then 72 Hour Hold came out and refueled those rumors.

The black community never wants to speak on mental illness, but I hope she finds the help she needs.

MsKnowitAll said...

I am happy to see that Maia Campbell's family has stepped in and has admitted her in a treatment facility. Prayer definitely makes the difference.