Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Eating!!!

Eating is one of my favorite past times. I love bowling and the movies, museums and poetry spots but it's a grand time when a cool restaurant is also part of the itinerary.

I love good food... everyone does. Some of us eat more than others and that's evident by our varied sizes. But I experience something euphoric when I eat... I always bless my food and especially when I prepare my own meal, it is a spiritual event.

I don't eat meat. Ok, let me say that from time to time I will have fish. While no one believes me at first sight because I'm undoubtedly slim and trim, LOL, it is true... I prefer veggies and carbohydrates over meat. I always did, which is what made my transition to pescaterian easy.

Other than meat, there is no food that I will restrict myself to or from. I love eating foods from different cuisines. Indian food is my fave. Chinese food of course! There's a Chinese restaurant on every other corner... Mediterranean, Ethiopian... whatever it may be, I am open.

Eating is an intimate act. From the blessing of the food, to the opening of the mouth or the blowing on the food, the chewing, digesting and my personal touch spilling the food or sauce on my clothing... it's intimate! So while I am careful of what I eat, I am also careful about who I eat with. There is something that's part of a meal that makes it even more enjoyable... Good company.

One time I went out with a couple of co-workers for lunch. We went to a local pizza place and I ordered 2 delicious slices. Unfortunately one of my annoying co-workers blabbered and made racially insensitive comments the entire time. I do not argue or get angry over food so I ate in silence and I cannot tell you what I ate to this day. But I will tell you this, I will never eat with or near her again.

My grandfather used to say, "Watch who you eat with because unpleasant company will leave you with indigestion"... or in my case a bad memory and a grudge. And it's true that good food is always better with good company. With good company I can be paranoid about how clean my utensils are and ask for straws with every glass of whatever I order. Lemon on the side please... With good company I can request salad dressing separately and mayonnaise for my french fries. Good company doesn't question me when I order a simple salad because the menu is full of meaty meals or suggest that I pluck the meat out... I tried that :-(... unfortunately. I can accept when my company says K, K... and I know that that means to look for and wipe up the spillage on my shirt. But what makes me happy is knowing I can relax and enjoy every morsel of my meal so that at its conclusion, I am content, not needing or wanting more...


Mizrepresent said...

I hear you Sweety, loud and clear...i love to eat too, and i hate it when someone ruins my meal with constant complaints, or too much talking. My daughter is a vegetarian and so when she is home i try to fix meals that she can enjoy and i enjoy them too. It is a process, but one i don't mind, bc i really want her to feel comfortable in my presence, despite my wants or needs. Eating is a pleasure, yes it is, and so if i'm eating and enjoying it i surely want to be around folk who enjoy it too!

Don said...

My grandmother always said: Eat to live and not live to eat. That said, I do both. LOL. I love eating well prepared meals. There is definitely something intimate about it. Seriously. And, as you stated, one's company can either add to it, or take away from the meal as well.

You know it's funny how myself and a female recently shared a conversation about her love for Indian food. Which made me want to go out and enjoy some. I still haven't, but, after reading this wonderful post I plan to do just that, sometime this weekend.

MsKnowitAll said...

@Miz... That is so nice that you accommodate your daughter! My mother wasn't playing that when I was in college. I started eating meat again real quick. LOL

@Don... When you try Indian food, I hope you like it. Try the chicken tandoori or the chicken tikka masala, vegetable curry and samosas are a must!