Monday, December 14, 2009

Random Words I Type...

I been gone for a minute...

* I have been away on vacation and a much needed vacation it was. It was a pleasure and then a pain to go away with my best friend and I realized that after 3 days, I get homicidal... with her. But overall, we had the best girls week - everything I predicted it would be.

* We went to the Poconos, I have a time share there and somehow my homie thought it was supposed to be Jamaica, peak season. Why is it so cold? OHMYGOSH it's snowing? The thing is, she's been begging me to go to the Poconos for 3 years. I finally book my week and she complained the whole time. The highlight of my week was seeing her slide on ice. Priceless.

* An ex is an ex for a reason... It's a year since my break-up and I realized simply - I do not like my ex. I watched Michelle Obama, last night, talk about her man and she said after all of the years, she still likes him (I'm paraphrasing here) and I absolutely get her. I nearly broke my neck nodding my head at the TV. So I realized before going away, that I'm happy to be free of my last serious relationship. I wish my ex the best and if we never have to talk, unfortunately we do, I would be overjoyed. Until we've settled all financial matters... :( :( :(

* I take YOU with me... while in the Poconos I thought of TrueUrbanQueen... she lives in PA and while in the cold and snow, I thought of her living the city life with the woods behind her... I thought of TheQuietStorm... while it was a thunderstorm, there was snow and The Perfect Murder was on TV while we were up there... and then I didn't have WiFi... I didn't even have reception so I couldn't do any blog reading nor writing while I was up there. I missed YOU!

* It's been 5 years since we said yes to the timeshare saleswoman... We can't even take our week together, we split the time. And so.... I'm ready to sell!

* I love December... it's like spring time because it's my purging season. I'm cleaning house and I'm kicking old habits, bad attitudes and funky people to the curb. You know who you are... don't feel bad but do take it personal...

* I am entertaining an older gentleman these days... we're just friends... me and his oldest are the same age... Mmm Hmm... and he's a Cat Daddy. ALL. THE. WAY.


The True Urban Queen said...

The Poconos . . .sounds nice.

I had the woods on my mind too . . when we had a wind storm and those trees were bending . .haha.

Yes, an ex is an ex for a reason. I am one of those people who does not believe in going back even if the two of you find yourselves being great friends.

I love the Holiday season. Which is sort of like liking December.

Lastly, I dated an older guy when I was 20 he was 43. it only lasted a short while. I dumped him cause I found him corny but not before . . . it was something ;)

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Glad you're back. Was wondering where the blog fam was.

It's always good to get away, and to know people are thinking of you. The men I am meeting now are all older, the youngest is 10 years older and they have the same issues/concerns as the younger ones. But I do agree with Sharon about the...well, you know ;-)

May be up your way for the Salsa Congress. We have to get together while I'm there.

MsKnowitAll said...

Queen... I love the new profile pic! The Poconos was wonderful. It was cold & snowy, everything it was supposed to be.

Kay C... Yes oh yes, these older men have the same issues but some things do... improve. ;-) Come on Sis! I can't wait to meet you in person!

Don said...

he's a cat daddy all the way. too funny. so is the part where you spoke of your friend sliding on ice. sounds like you enjoyed yourself and all.

i co-sign your "house cleaning" nod for the month of december. no need in taking unwanted activity into the new year with you.

clnmike said...

If your just friends then how are you entertaining him?

Mizrepresent said...

@after 3 days i get homicidal, lol, that is how it is when i travel with one of my good friends.

I have never been to the Poconos but it sounds like a nice place to visit.

And ditto on an ex is an ex for a reason. I still truly love my ex, but i don't like him at all.

And the number 1, "kicking old habits, bad attitudes and funky people to the curb". I salute you! Me too!

MsKnowitAll said...

Mike... I will not go into details with you... here... smile... but I can assure you that when I say "friends", I am honest and certain.

Miz... When I read you post about dreamkillers, I knew we were on the same road. I love the Poconos. The mountains, the snow and even in the other seasons, it's breathtaking.

Ms. Liryc said...

Sounds like you had an adventure on your trip away! I hope you enjoyed yourself despite the murmurs of dislike and other things.. its good to get away.. Its a new year and I really hope for the best for you big sis.. I really pray for all the goodness that is given to everyone to be given to you!

Enjoy your "older" gentleman friend.. He may teach you a couple of things.. LOL LOL..

If we don't speak before Christmas.. Have a joyous one!!