Tuesday, August 10, 2010

random words i type...

~i had a great day yesterday.  i played hookie from work and i took my babies out to coney island.  someone gave us baseball tickets and after the game i took them over to the amusement park side so they could get on a few rides.

~yeah the brooklyn cyclones beat the connecticut tigers!!!

~it was hot!  and i believe that i am a shade darker... on top of my bermuda tan.

~i love and miss the coney island of my youth.  as a child, my parents and their peeps would gather us kids and we'd head out to coney island on the D-train.  it seemed like forever until we got there.

~ice cream, nathan's hot dogs, seafood for my parents, colorful lollipops and cotton candy... i can't forget my favorite rides and the spook house... some of the old rides and the spook house are still standing and still in service... not me. then we'd take D-train back home and i'd fall right asleep before we hit brooklyn bridge - oh the fun.

~i talk a lot... sometimes too much and sometimes i state some very profound sayings... the problem is, i don't remember none of it. 

~i see it, i can feel it, my hand sometimes grips it but i shall not open pandora's box.

~if i don't remember the words coming out of my mouth... does that mean i don't really mean them? hmmm

~i had this pain for many months - could have been for about a year.  knee pain.  disturbing, crippling, painful pain... and last week the pain went away. just like *snap* that.

~i love that my children have personality.  i had a permanent grin on my face all yesterday. they gave "evil words of encouragement" to the opposing team. we all danced (to this and i thought of your post KayC!)  and we did the cha-cha slide... all in the noon day sun.

~took me a whole week to stop favoring my right knee.  i had to realize that i can now stand without the stiffness, walk up the stairs without putting my weight on my left leg first and that i could run down the stairs again.  every time i move with some speed, pain free, i say THANK YOU.

~i am loving this season of true blood... alcide... alcide... if you're a true blood watcher then you'll know i am summoning the sexy were (as in werewolf).

~persistence overcomes resistance... that's the saying, right?  well persistence is turning into annoyance with this chick from work who is trying to hit on me...

~nope - that's not the pandora's box that i sometimes embrace. 

~i joined a book club with a friend from high school and we're reading "the other wes moore" very interesting.

~i need to finish this book by saturday night.  i am on page 16.

~i think it's a good book but my mind isn't clear....

~i saw wes moore when i went to the harlem book festival last month... where i also met blogger CapCity... and i saw and spoke with my one of my favorite authors Bernice McFadden... and i saw Terry McMillan and Sonia Sanchez. what an awesome day it was... as dc's aunt would say... "it was so intelligent".


    KayC, The Quiet Storm said...

    I'm smiling as that song is indeed timeless and makes me move :)

    Great memories. I love when my younger cousins and my niece get a taste of my childhood memories and the things their parents and I did when we were their age.

    GC {God's Child} said...

    So glad I read your post about the choir you work with. Thanks for linking to it.
    We have a choir that keeps falling apart. I know the director keeps getting burnt out. But perhaps there were some tips and clues in what you wrote that can help. For example, having supervisors.

    CareyCarey said...

    Book clubs are great. But you have to read the book :-)

    Well, you don't have to. You can sort of fake it, and then jump in the discussion on the parts that you did read.

    I am so jealous of you meeting Bernice Mc fadden and the rest. I love her books. Did you like Sugar? We can talk about that one. In fact, we could talk about all her books.

    There are so many advantages of living in a large city. I love New York but I wouldn't want to live there. I mean, it's just a little too too much for me. But having said that, I 've been to many countries and most of the major cities in the US, but NY is a special place. I too have memories from there (Harlem & Manhatten) but this is a PG blog so I'll hold those memories.

    MsKnowitAll said...

    Kay C... i love doing things with my kids where they're not looking at me like i'm geriatric. LOL - that was the experience we had on monday.

    GC... it truly takes a village and it is really more than 4 of us sups (now we are down to 3 actually). but the parents are supportive too. it's really taxing, even when you love it and the more people who help, the less stress.

    CareyCarey... LOLOLOL today is thursday and i'm still on pg. 16. i think i'm going to have to wing it for sunday or maybe get to a point where i can read and not yawn - i am hoping for the latter.

    i love ms. mcfadden and all of her books. warmest december was my 1st read and i fell in love. and sugar came right after. we are *here*.

    not only did i meet her but we got to chat. (swoon) i was nervous and said all of the stupid things people say when they meet celebrated people. it was so great.

    while i love nyc i think i may really love bermuda - but that's a long story. lol @ your un-pg harlem (manhattan) memories. i can't even imagine...