Friday, September 3, 2010

to all de peoples...

summer is not over... sure it may be september and the children go back to school... if they haven't already gone back... but it's a hot time in nyc for all de peoples...

i am so excited about the west indian american day parade that takes place every labor day on eastern parkway in brooklyn.

the party actually begins with events on thursday straight through to monday with bands playing, people dancing, everybody celebrating...

the parkway gets crowded and it's best to get there early, pick your spot and get ready to jam all day. for 43 years west indians, any and everybody of african descent has gather to jump up and wine to soca and calypso... carnavaaal music!

as for me.. i'll be on de parkway too, waving mi flag!!!

The flag of Antigua & Barbuda

because i love it so, here's two soca songs... i hope you enjoy! and wine too! ;-D
enjoy a wonderful labor day weekend!


Mizrepresent said...

Sounds like fun! Have a safe and wonderful weekend! MUAH!

GC {God's Child} said...

I did not know you were Antiguan!
Hope you enjoyed!
I've never been. Always thought I'd at least have my foot stepped on, and at most get shot.

MsKnowitAll said...

ohmygoodness, the parkway was bananas!!! j'ouvert, i hear, is nicer (calmer) but i have never made it out to brooklyn at 4 am... not for a carnival anyway.

GC... i am actually half antiguan thanks to my dad and i am american born... bathed in antiguanness. lol

you might get your foot stepped on but the key to not hearing or dodging the gunshots is to leave early.