Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Time For Everything...

"Don't feel no pity for me... Cause I'm going through a couple things...
Life means change... That's the way it goes"
-- Jill Scott "Wanna Be Loved"

A relationship, for me, is a complement. It does not complete me. So I am not feeling incomplete by remaining single. I have dating prospects and I have quite a few bedroom prospects, however I am choosing to put me first, loving and nurturing my self.

I wanna be loved... like everybody else does...
I get mad sometimes... when I think of past and broken relationships but I shake that off.
I get sad sometimes... when I come home and I don't have anyone to share my work, church and daily stories with.

Put I press forward because I know bigger and better awaits me.

Yesterday I received subtle hints from two separate people. One was showing me baby pictures of a recent addition to his family and telling me that I needed to have a baby soon. The other told me that he showed my picture to a co-worker and he'd set me up if he knew someone. I need no pity!!! Singlehood was a choice for me. It was not an easy choice and sometimes I regret it... ok a little more than sometimes... but I have such a peace in knowing that all I am responsible for is me.

A friend/co-worker of mine even suggested that I look into e.Harmony. Dating sites are great for some and I totally support anyone willing to invest time and energy in finding "the one", but I am in no rush to delve into a new, fresh relationship. There are some transitions I am looking to make first so that I won't make any old mistakes.

I am examining the errors I have made in the past, building up my standards, building up my self and allowing freedom to reign in my life. I see myself, not in the full throw of a pity party, but in my future. Life means change and I know I have to shake off the limits of my past in order to move freely, to begin anew and enjoy all that life offers.

I am going through a couple of things... some days I am somber and some days I'm downright grumpy. Please bare with me however feel no pity for me. This here is my season to heal, to build up, to dance, to laugh, to love.


Insatiable One said...

Well said, Kia.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Well...you already read my post on this topic so I won't re-post. I went to my salsa class last night and that wonderful group of people help me salsa my blues away. *smile*

I have to ask were did you find that image?!?!

I LOVE calla lillies and that image is FABU!!!

MsKnowitAll said...

Thank you Mo'!

Kay C... I too LOVE calla lillies so I jacked this image. LOL Someone had this as their background on a youtube channel and I know html so I stoled it. LOL I've been trying to find it legit-like but I can't.

I've been on a Jill Scott vibe. The other night I got up and danced like Meredith Grey (do you watch Grey's Anatomy?). I'm going through a little something but I'm still upbeat and pressing... I don't know any other way to be.

Glad to hear about your salsa class. I would love to take a few dance classes again.

Kiayaphd said...

I like that pic too. My son was just looking over my shoulder as I read your post and he said, "what's that mommie? and I scrolled back down so he could get a better look and he said, "ooo, I LIKE that!"

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I LOVE Grey's Anatomy!!!! Yes, I sometimes dance like a fool as well. I was watching VH1's Top 100 Hip-Hop songs of all time and dancing like a fool just yesterday and singing along loudly, LOL!

It helps when we go through our drama. Sometimes being a kid again is worth its weight in gold :)

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I'm hijacking your comments thread :)

The print is called Ecstasy of the Lilies by Octavio Ocampo

MsKnowitAll said...

Kay C!!! You're the bomb! Thank you for the title of the print. Awesome.

So true about entertaining our little girl self.

Kiaya... my right eye is tearing Girl... I'm so glad to see you coming thru and commenting.

Mizrepresent said...

I applaud you...and in many ways feel the same... my season to heal, to reap, to overcome...yes, my season is in full bloom.