Friday, December 10, 2010

fine man friday... i've got a jones

i really do... and you know what? joneses make you do things you don't normally do... make phone calls, wear certain types of clothing, go all kinds of places, do all kinds of things...

well this jones of mine... he's an older man. distinguished and debonair. he likes cognac and expensive cars and jazz... we have some things in common... some... but what moves me and what moves him are different... yet... i like that he likes what he likes... feel me?

some days me and my jones barely speak... and then other days we're talking and laughing endlessly... he is someone i feel for deeply... we are connected... we are friends... we haven't crossed the line of intimacy... and we probably never will... but then again heaven only knows... it's not necessary... like i said, we are connected... in a our phones are both busy because we're trying to call each other / we feel each other's gazes across a crowded room / we greet and talk with facial expressions and eye movements kind of a's... special...

there is not much i can offer my jones... he already has everything he needs and he's picky about his wants... but every now and again i think of him and gift him with a little something... i was buying natalie stewart's floetic soul and a suggested choice appeared on the screen... amazon allows you to send mp3 downloads as a gift and i knew my jones would appreciate this...

my fine man friday is none other than...

Will Downing

my jones and will downing actually resemble each other... it's the dark skin and the bald head and they both seem to have a nice soothing baritone voice... below is a link for "a million ways"...


CareyCarey said...

Damn, I am so disappointed. Although I used to love me some Martell Cordon Bleu, straight, no back (chaser), and used to drive a not so expensive car (Chysler 300C), and love me some jazz, I don't have a bald head, and only sing in the shower.

But damn, I would love to have someone talk to me with facial expressions and eye movements. I mean, I wouldn't know what to do with a mp3 downloaded gift, but it sho would be nice to get one of those thangs :-)

I guess I am just left to wonder, is love gone?

Within the shadows of your smile,
I too have memories.
Good memories
You sheltered me
You covered me
You are my rock.
I too have tears.
A home is in the heart
You shut the door Yesterday, how many yesterdays?
I cry for yesterday.
I too think of tomorrow
Is love like yesterday?
Is it gone forever
Or just out of season
After the cold of winter
Can it spring back?
Shattered dreams, yet I dream
A flicker of hope
I miss you
You've been gone
Will you come back
Is love gone?
Will I
Can I
Ever love again

The True Urban Queen said...

Wish I had someone I could look across the room at, talk to, laugh with be my friend, my jones. . .. but then I would probably cross the line sleep with him and mess it all up. HAHA

No, that would be nice and is sure better than having no one to talk to.

Good fine brothers Friday choice.

MsKnowitAll said...

Oh don't be disappointed Carey! Your style is smoove, just as you are. But do tell me... if a lady were to gift you, would she send you vinyl or a cd? Just wondering...

Hey Queen... Thank you... Will Downing is one of my favorite sultry male singers...