Sunday, December 19, 2010

his royal highness...

i have seen plenty of artists in concert in my lifetime.

none of them could touch prince.

of course there is no comparison between all of the artists i've seen. each of them do their thing and do it well but prince is who he is and brings it as he does and there are just no words to describe how remarkable and talented he truly is.

he danced. he wowed the crowd. he shook his cute little ass. he told us when to and how to clap. he was engaging and oh so sexy.

he performed "adore", "insatiable", "scandalous", "if i was your girlfriend", "the bird" & "jungle love" (by the time). sheila e. joined him on stage and performed "glamorous life" and "love bizarre". he started with "let's go crazy", "1999", "delirious", "little red corvette", "kiss" and "take me with you" oh and i can't forget "beautiful ones".

prince performed purple rain, of course, and during his guitar solo, close to the end, i started thinking...

i love my profession.  i love my job. i work at my church and i love that too. my 9 to 5 work comes easy to me. my church work comes very easy for me too. i have found my niche and my work simply flows out of me. sometimes i get a thank you, some show of gratitude, but most times i don't. and it doesn't bother me. i know that i do what i do because i offer service - in both of my jobs - and i do it well. millions of people are helped and blessed by what i do for my job and i enrich my community with my church work. i feel uncomfortable when people thank me for that sometime because i know what i offer is so beyond me and my capacity - it truly comes from God.

back to prince singing purple rain... the guitar is riffing, he's walking up and down the stage and playing.  and he comes back to the mic and sings "you say you want a leader, but you can't seem to make up your mind, i think you better close it and let (not me) God guide you to the purple rain". i said to myself... he's doing it. he's living and doing what he has been called to do. he touches people with his gift and sound and words. his gift truly is God-given. no wonder he's so shy when people praise him. he can't possibly take all of the credit for that!

and then i cried. truthfully i wanted to let my bottom lip hang and allow my face to contort up uncontrollably as it does when i ugly cry, but i didn't.

there was something so soul-stirring about hearing purple rain. i love that song so much. but seeing it performed live. seeing prince perform it live. seeing prince play that guitar. hearing the strings and cords... i got chills and the 2 people next to me shook with chills too. there's a healing to be found in music and there's certainly a healing to be found in prince's music.

i hated to see him leave the stage. i was so upset that the house lights were up. i can tell he wanted to sing "nothing compares 2 u" for me. i know he did. and he wanted to perform "pop life" too. he actually came back while the house lights were up and performed another 4 songs. it was one of the most beautiful things i've witnessed.

i cried when i saw maxwell. he was performing the hell out of "pretty wings". but when i saw prince, i saw the one who inspired maxwell and that was freaking awesome!


KayC, The Quiet Storm said...

There is something breathtaking, unexplainable and so sexy when you see someone doing their 'thing' and doing it so well.

I never thought about being shy when receiving a compliment on doing something you enjoy, God's gift to you for you to share with the world. But it makes perfect sense. I MUST see this man in concert ;-)

Monique said...

I can't wait to see Prince perform when he comes to Atlanta (I'm claiming it!) but there is something so majestically when you see someone doing God's will through their craft. It seems literally as if God is in him when he plays.

I can't remember a time I haven't cried while listening to Purple Rain. That song is so deep and the guitar riff moves my soul.

MsKnowitAll said...

Ladies, this man... I meant to add to this post that his vocals are exactly the same as they've always been. His screams are the same and his baritone is still baritone. I loved and enjoyed him thoroughly!

KayC... I want you to see him! Badly! I would have normally gone to Madison Square Garden to see him but it was sold out. The venue I went to see him at is in Jersey. I thank God for good friends!

Monique... I had to claim this concert too! You know I've been listening to Prince everyday since Friday! Everytime I hear Purple Rain my eyes mist. I'm telling you, it was spiritual!

Mizrepresent said...

Kia, i felt the same way when i saw him, his show was fantastic but the moment he sang and played Purple Rain, i knew i was witnessing something extra special. I was so lifted up by his performance and though i have seen many talented artists perform and perform well...nothing compares to that moment with Prince sang Purple Rain. Nothing.

The True Urban Queen said...

Well, I have never seen the Royal Purple one in concert.

I am glad that you did and that you had a wonderful time. I saw your post that you saw Prince and I was wondering how when the other NYers who were going to see him weren't going til the night after your post (If that makes sense).

Glad your friends were able to come through for you.

Truly being happy means doing what you love. I have known this but have not acted on it. As a result I haven't really been happy. So, I have decided that I need to stop, reevalute, and go after what I enjoy and love to do.

You tickle me pink. . .I can only believe and rely on you to have an ephinany at one of the hottest concerts ever. I would have been into much of a stupor watching him to do much of anything but stand there in awe.

MsKnowitAll said...

Miz... I thought he would have ended with Purple Rain but it was smack dab in the middle. Instead he ended with an Insatiable bang!

LOLOLOL Queen... Yes I had an epiphany when seeing Prince of all people!

I went to Jersey to see Prince but he was also at the Garden in NYC. Those tickets sold out months ago! For some odd reason the Jersey, Friday night show did not sell out. How could Prince NOT sell out a FRIDAY night concert? Anywhere!?!?!

Doing what you love, chasing what you love, will always reap huge rewards. We become resentful when we do what we don't want to. Keep on dreaming and making your dreams come true. Happiness will be sure to follow.

Lovebabz said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Year's!

I am glad you were moved by The Purple Badddnness! Prince is something else entirely. No one compares.