Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Accidents Happen

This has been one trying week for me. On Monday, my honey's daughter, who is handicapped, was kept from going to school because the bus failed to pick her up. That was drama. I went on to work while honey stayed home but I arrived here for 12:00.
Yesterday was good. I got here at exactly 9:30, my usual time, and I worked a little late, got caught up.
However this morning I woke up to water on my floor and a ceiling that is eventually going to be replaced. The family 2 floors above mine had a leak and the trickle which was more like a waterfall came flowing down. I asked my landlord to come, survey the damage, and he had the nerve to be slow at coming. After an hour I called the fire department. They were nice enough and big enough to cut my fuse off and bring the heat to the landlord for me. The slumlord was cordial and arrived after the fire department left only to tell me that there was a stopped up toilet and all is going to be okay. He was pissed that I called the fire department and I'm pissed that I had to but where was he when I was removing my clothes and linens from the closet, knocking on my neighbors doors and apologizing to the woman below me while explaining that I wasn't responsible? I kindly asked him if he was in a rush because now by closet, my bathroom and hallway were leaking and I just wanted to show him. We walked through and I explained to him that I'll be contacting him and 311 everyday until my apartment is restored. I sarcastically reminded him that I pay my rent, on time, no section 8, just because I'm a hard working woman, I am, who likes nice things plus a clean and mold free abode.
Now I know accidents happen but my slumlord has a nasty attitude and he's slow at fixing things and this is not the first time that we have had this problem. Nope. The family 2 floors above have 2 small children who like playing in water, whether it be toilet water or the sink water. Needless to say the bathroom walls, the tiles, the ceilings are destroyed. Oh and firemen don't make it any better. They love to destroy stuff so they nicely poked holes in my ceiling telling me it will help drain the water and motivate my landlord to fix the damage quicker.
I wonder if it's even worth fighting for. I want to move from that apartment and neighborhood but I stay because it's convenient, affordable. Now I have an even uglier bathroom (Wasn't too keen on the bathroom and was looking to remodel and refurnish), a huge laundry bill, oh and the upcoming fire department's report in case my slumlord tries to forget me or ignore me.

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