Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Monday

This has been one of the most interesting Mondays I've had in a while. First off I was excited about coming to work to see my work friends, who make the whole 9:30 to 5:30 or whenever I get here to the 8 hours later, worthwhile.
I saw my honey yesterday and it's been about 3 weeks since we could really spend some time together and so that's exactly what happened. I'm still smiling.
So I get into work today and there's flowers all over my desk. At my job there are special events all of the time, not for staff, mind you, but for private persons, organizations, etc.
And so they order these flowers and when they're done, the night staff take them. Well I have this admirer who likes to place them on my desk and that's cool. They are lovely white roses and they're huge, beautiful and there are like 3 vases. BEAUTIFUL.

Except I don't like my admirer.

My on the job husband, J, comes over and he sees and he starts laughing because he knows about my admirer. He said he should be jealous but he knows how I feel about this dude. My co-workers in our tight knit division are asking me about the wedding date I set. At this point I'm not laughing so much anymore. Partly because at this moment the admirer is calling me and I'm so thankful that the j-o-b has new phones with caller ID because I've been caught out there so much. Needless to say, I haven't answered the phone.
Just 2 weeks ago, for MY BIRTHDAY!!!! (I'm still celebratin'), he gave me flowers and those were also beautiful so I called him to thank him and the conversation turned to him begging me to let him have a chance. I've known him for 10 years and I made it clear to him for 10 years that I'm just not feeling him. He's physically attractive, has a sense of humor, but there's something about his personality that does not agree with mine. We're incompatible and he hasn't realized it yet.

Oh well enough of that.

I'm looking cuuuuuuuuuute today if I have to say so and I do, thank you. LOL
I bought those new trouser jeans that are so popular and my honey tells me this morning that I have to buy 2 more pair. LOL
I have another on-the-job friend who I probably shouldn't be friends with because the attraction is very strong, unbelievably so, and he asked me to lunch today. I accepted and we went across the street to one of these gourmet deli places and we're eating and talking and I'm watching his lips move and not listening to his words at all... Can women and men be friends without intimate action? Sure, if those 2 people are grounded in themselves and their respective partners. Trust is key. But I will say this, do not for any reason think that there is absolutely no attraction. I'm having such a good day...
I'll end with this...
Where has that man been? Now I had the serious in my head relationship with him a while back when he played Spawn on HBO. He was aiight in the Mike Tyson movie but I'm mentioning him in my post today because over the weekend I had me a Michael Jai White dream. Yesssss I was all over that man and he was talking with that deep voice of his and I was creaming (I may as well tell the TRUTH!). I have yet to see "Why Did I Get Married" and honey wants to go this week after work but I think I may have to go solo so I can oooooh and awwww and have my chills in the spine moments all by myself! He looks a little hardened, like he's been smoking on some stogies, and that's all right because I heard his voice on Friday and I said to myself, "Self, he can still get it! Whew!

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