Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My (Early Birthday) Gratefulness List

Been thinking about this list all this week and I'm feeling so great today!!!! Shout out to all of the Libras out there. The month is just getting started and I'll be in celebration mode until the 31st!

I am so grateful for:
Rising this morning with movement, breathing & a sound mind
Peanut butter
Peanut butter & chocolate together
The quiet time after 4:00 when all of my other co-workers leave
Yellow pom-pom flowers
Eric Jerome Dickey books, especially this new one "Waking with Enemies" (WHEW!)
My MP3 player that goes everywhere with me
Wrap around dresses
These khaki pants that I'm wearing - got me looking like Deelishus from Flava of Love!!!!
McDonald's iced coffee
The new TV season (House, Grey's Anatomy...)
My stylist Marisol who goes through hell & high water to make herself available even opening up at 6:00 AM
My mom who is trying to buy me some new bedroom furniture as a gift even though I've giving her such a hard time with my picky self
My brother who wrote my whole name, all 5, on the envelope containing my birthday card, LOVE YOU KKBM! LOL
Again, I'm grateful for the new Jill Scott cd, especially my recent favorite "My Love"
My on-the-job husband for the jokes & laughter he brought today and everyday
My co-workers & supervisor who bought me this delicious chocolate raspberry truffle cake
One of my best friends and personal photographer who took the group photo of us around the cake, thanks FP!
Duane Reade $5.00 reward coupons
Oprah Winfrey's O! website (a wealth of information)
Last but certainly not least - Thanks be to God for allowing me to see the eve of another birthday!!!!

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