Wednesday, October 10, 2007

After Birthday and I'm Still Celebratin'

My birthday was almost a week ago and it was one of the bestest ones yet. I celebrated by waking up at my birth time. It's weird but I'm a weird person and it's my birthday so I do what I wanna. Then I cooked my own breakfast of toast, hash browns & egg whites with some coffee (aaah!).
My mom finally picked out the armoire for me that she has been searching for. My old dresser was a hot mess with missing drawers but I'm just not a home furnishing type of woman. I would rather spend a day off at a Broadway show or at a movie theater or just hanging out, reading than to survey furniture or home furnishings. I really like the dresser though. It fits all of my clothes and then some and I was able to clear out some of my other spaces.
I needed to get my hair done in the worst way and when my partner came through with my other gifts I realized getting my hair done wasn't going to happen if I was to see The Color Purple that night!!!!!!! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!!
My mom told me that Fantasia does not appear in each performance so the whole time that I'm riding down I'm hoping and praying that Ms. Barrino would grace the stage and lemme tell you, she did - she sang, she portrayed Celie just as Alice Walker fictionalized her, as much as Whoopi was back in 1985, every member of the cast that night was terrific and I cried, I was moved, overjoyed, enlightened and elevated!!!
I could carry on about my gifts, I didn't receive a whole lot but I did get this really nice Banana Republic bag and I just LOVE it, love it. LOL
I finally got my hair done on Friday and I cut a bang - it's too cute. That was an issue for me because as I'm climbing the latter of age and wisdom and growing more and more bored daily I wanted to do something to create a spark. The bang is working.
So now that I'm 32 years old, I'm creating some new aspirations because I'm finding that I'm feeling monotonous and cutting my bang continuously ain't gonna cut it. I spent my 20s educating myself and now that I'm here in my 30s I'm feeling the urges of parenthood, home buying instead of tenement living, examining that 401K, 403B, making sure I have my life insurance up to par, trying to be very much fab and not too much flab (na'mean -LOL), just living life it, realizing that it's best to take things day by day and not try to jam it all in and creating new, wonderful memories with the special people in my life and the few that I randomly encounter...

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