Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So last night, while I was still fuming over the little things that are looming through my relationship and battling a sore throat, I get a phone call from my sister-friend DC.

Like most women, I have several friends who serve different purposes in my life. DC is that friend who I can cry with, she'll hold my hand. I can call her at 2 a.m., she'll hear me out. I need someone to do some investigating with, she'll be my accomplice. However she's not that advice giving, uh-huh gurl, girlfriend. I have known her for several years. We've been through ups and downs. I've cut her out of my life, cursed her out and a time or two we even got into a little scuffle. Through it all, I'm down for her and she's down for me, as sisters should be.

She calls last night and she tells me all is well with her... work, relationship and money. I'm surprised. I'm happy for her but I'm shocked because DC is a Drama Queen undoubtedly. The rest of the conversation was on me and I let loose, updating her on all that has gone down since I last saw her, which was about 2 weeks ago. She laughs through the funny, says "what?" over the ridiculous, but when I'm done spilling, she asks me "What are you doing on Friday?". I'm probably taking off from work or working a half day and I relay this to her. She then says, "Why don't we go to the movies and see "Meet the Browns"?. We actually saw that hilarious play at the Beacon Theater 4 years ago.... but in that moment, my problems weren't problems anymore. In fact, I'm not even mulling that crap through my brain. Now I'm looking forward to Friday, hooking up with my friend, getting some good food to eat and just chillin'.

In 1996, my grandfather died. Me and DC were cool back then but hardly tight. What sealed our friendship was when she called to ask me if I wanted to go to the movies about 2 days before the funeral. "Set It Off" had just come out but I wasn't really up going to the movies. I was feeling pretty badly over losing my grandfather even though he had been sick for many years. I didn't want to leave my mom either, who was completely out of it since her father passed. DC insisted and she was coming over to my house to get me. That night gave me a necessary break from my sorrow although during the cab ride going back to my house our cab was pulled over by police officers. Me, DC and our other friend EV wore matching baseball caps and apparently after seeing the movie, some females were terrorizing cab drivers. So po-po pulled our cab over, ordered us "bitches" to get out of the cab, open our bags and empty our pockets while they questioned the driver. Of course we weren't trying to set it off that night so we were let go without apology.

Aside from that irritating disturbance, I'll always be thankful for DC for doing then what she did for me last night. I'm not quite sure why she's not the type of friend to say "you don't deserve that mess" or "leave him, leave him". Perhaps because she knows that I'm not taking any advice from her anyway. But she's certainly my bff for true and as for my relationship problems... who knows?


Lovebabz said...

Isn't it amazing how the right friend shows up just when you need them! You don't need advice...you already know what needs to be done. But what you do need is a good time with a girlfriend who allows you to just be you without judgement, condemnation and self-righteous advice.

Thank God for Sister-friend DC!

deepnthought said...

lovebabz said it best. Tell me how you like the movie tomorrow.