Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Remember

The Grown Woman Me Remembers…

…When I used to go to sleep later than 12:30, wake up before 6:30 and be alert and active.

…When these pants that I wore today were a wee bit looser.

…When I used to be on time for work and it was actually routine – and I am so very glad that I finally arrived to work on time today – the first for the New Year.

…The look on my ex’s face when I told him that I would not accept his proposal of marriage by way of his mama and her prophesying dream.

…The night my “first” boyfriend called me after 14 years to apologize for each and every wrong he ever did – things I knew and things I had no clue about.

…When it took 3 days for my heart to mend instead of 3 months… 3 years.

…In the early days of my relationship when I saw my love 5 times a week… when we got busy 15 times a week… when I heard nothing but sweetness 7 days a week.

…When there was no tension in my shoulders from unnecessary stress or heavy shoulder bags.

…When all I had to do was worry about getting up, getting to school, doing my homework, who was going to be my boyfriend, going to birthday parties, going school shopping, Easter shopping and summer camp....

The Little Girl Me Remembers…

…Watching as the sun shone through the living room window and onto the floor during the noon hour.

…Making my own mix tapes from the radio while listening to the 8PM countdown.

…The day my dad bought me my first 10 speed and the neighborhood kids were all jealous when I came riding through.

…When my mother used to press my hair for Easter and always made sure I wore a hat with a ribbon that matched my dress and pocketbook.

…Dancing & rhyming along to Eric B. & Rakim’s “Eric B. Is President” & Audio Two’s “Top Billin

…Getting this big ole scar on my arm from riding on my cousin Pep’s handlebars and that heffa rode too close to the curb so that when the dip came, my azz flew off and scraped up my left arm.

…When I wanted to be in my 30s, married, a mother, owning a home and driving a little red corvette like my Auntie P....


Opinionated Diva said...

This definitely made me smile.

Getting your hair pressed for Easter (a treat since my mother rarely let us wear our hair out) then wearing the hat and the patent leather mary janes...WHAT?! Those were the days!

Girl I STILL listen to Eric B. & Rakim on the Ipod! Came in the door, said it before...never let the mic magnetize me no more...fightin me...invitin me...let me stop before I start some serious chair dancing at my desk. LOL!

Milk is chillin, Giz is chill...what more can I say...TOP BILLIN! I wanna hit up an ole school party tonight! LOL

Queen of My Castle said...

LOL. This post was too cute. I remember getting my hair pressed the night before Easter, only to have it wavy back up and get puffy from sweating looking for the eggs after church. LOL.

OMG! I LMAO @ the 8 PM countdown. That used to be the highlight of my night(s) and I HATED when the DJ talked through the beginning of the songs! LOL

Ahhhh, memories.

deepnthought said...

This post is soo cute. I remember getting a walkman for my birthday and sneaking under my blanket to listen to the countdown at night.

my hair was pressed and people woul swear my mom had put me in a darn wig. lol

Don said...

I remember the Old School as well. In fact, every now and then I indulge into flashbacks. Those were some great times growing up.

Your Aunt P has it going on...

LOL @ your making people jealous with the new bike. Funny, but I knew alot of females like that. They always had the super lotioned legs too.

Eb the Celeb said...

Cute post - The firsr and last ones under grown woman... I so feel you on...

and dang I used to hate getting my hair pressed for easter... or any function for that matter... grease burning your scalp and you could hear it sizzling. But if you moved you would get popped with the hot

ChezNiki said...

Okay so we used to make our own mixed tapes too. I remember using the "pause" button so we could eliminate commercials and spaces in between the songs.

Sometimes I feel so old. My cousin gave me an iPod Shuffle over the Holidays and I JUST taught myself how to download music to the d*mn thing.

I feel kinda funny listening to Rappers Delight, 8th Wonder and Scorpio on a device that's smaller than my driver's license... seems like ol skool rap should be played on a seventy -pound boom box with twelve D batteries in the back... oh well.

Liryc said...

I love this post, too cute. I know exactly how you feel. I used to get my hair pressed and had ribbons in them and had the stocking and socks to match with my patent leather mary janes on, and my pocket book with $4 in it for collection. Then going home and having a big easter sunday dinner. Life was so much simpler back then. I wish I could go back. If I could I definitely would. Definitely cute post.