Monday, March 17, 2008

A Woman's Threat

I am having a severe case of Monday Blues, I am in such a crummy mood, along with the fact that I feel an itch in my throat, my left throat gland is swollen and it feels like I have a ton of bricks on my shoulders. It's only 45 degrees outside but there's cold air coming through the vents here at work.

I have been venting all day to my friends (stupid, nonsensical issues that should not turn into problems that threaten to jeopardize a long-term, outwardly stable, inwardly brittle relationship), thank God for my friends, and thank God for that chester, R. Kelly. I have been singing the lyrics to R. Kelly's "A Woman's Threat" all damned day! Nigga please!

My time, my patience, my love
My blood, my sweat, my tears
My burdens, my drama, my pain
My car, my money, my home
My ups, my downs, my fears
And my hours, my work, my strength
My fault, my this, my that
Nigga please
My shakin', my sleep, my stress
My days, my nights, my rest
My do's, my don'ts, my dares
And my church, my pastor, my prayers
My all, my faith, my powers
And my kitchen, my sink, my towels
My joy, my sad, my hate
And my sister, my cousin, my friends
My lights, my gas, my bills
My role, my way, my will
My hollerin', my fussin', my fights
Nigga please
My future, my hopes, my dreams
My panties, my socks, my things
My flowers, my dress, my ring
My man, my lover, my king
My live, my chance, my fault
And my guts, my courage, my wounds
My fence, my neighbors, my yard
My chains, my lock, my guards
My win, my lose, my gain
And my credit, my card, my name
Myself, my freedom, my roof
Nigga please

If you don't stop
(This is a warning)
Someone's gonna lay in your bed
(This is a warning)
And someone's gonna eat your food
(This is a warning)
And someone's gonna wear your clothes
(This is a warning)
And someone's gonna fit your shoes
(This is a warning)
And someone's gonna get your keys
(This is a warning)
And someone's gonna open your doors
(This is a warning)
Someone's gonna get your check
(This is a warning)
This is a woman's threat
Baby, this is a woman's threat


J said...

I love that song!!!

Don said...

I don't know whats going on with you...but I will say that whenever a woman sings this song, it's 4:30 for the man she's thinking about. LOL.

deepnthought said...

I am with don on this one. lol