Thursday, March 20, 2008

Latin Lover

There's a Latin Lover, who I will refer to as LL from this point on, here at the j-o-b. I've considered him to be a cool cat. He's sexy, if you like the Rico Suave kind of man. From what I've heard he's intelligent as well. He lives in the Bronx, not too far from me, and we've taken the train to work and home together a time or two.

Before I continue, let me just say that I do not like LL. At all.

He's married and I've seen his wife. From the look that is on that woman's face I would never cross the boundary of messing with her man, along with the fact that I've dated married men in the past and that's something that I have vowed to never revisit. In fact, when they both ride the train together, he doesn't even bother speaking if he spots me. My guess is that he's scared of her wrath.

However, he's not scared enough because he's been having an ongoing affair with his supervisor. The rumor mill says that they've been seeing each other for about a year now. After about 3 months of the gossip, I got a little tired of the poop. I love a good office saga but theirs is a tab bit pathetic. She's an older woman who has fallen for LL and all of that good luvin' and now she dreams of matrimony and mixed race babies. He is completely through with the temporary distraction that their affair offered. A relationship like theirs is truly not over until the obsession ends...

Over the 9 years that I've been in this building I have found LL to be nice, well versed, but a big ole bother! He's too damned touchy-feely, even for an affectionate woman like myself but we're co-workers, not buddies, not friends, CO-WORKERS.

One day I happened to see him in one of the big empty rooms. This library happens to have quite a few places where 2 can sneak off into, BUT that was NOT the situation that particular morning. Being from the Bronx and taking Spanish until the 12th grade, I greeted him with a hearty "buenos dias" and what I received was an uncalled for molestation. My clothes were disheveled like I had been in a brawl and I had been because I had to break away from his grasp.

About a week ago I saw him outside of the building and instead of him just waving hello, dude grabs me by the waist for a sideways hug but he's rubbing up the side of my body. And I push him away and speed off to my destination.

But today, LL almost got his wrist broken. There was a big division meeting at work, all of the smaller departments attending and this crazy behind LL decided that he wanted to get frisky as I passed him to sit in an available seat. With an auditorium full of people and me having a higher title than he, he had the audacity to try to embarrass me by attempting to grab the booty. Now I can say that but he may have tried to rub my hip or my thigh... he very well could have. However I think my telepathic powers kicked in because my right hand flew behind me and I grabbed his hand before he made contact.

I usually don't play the title games but my old supervisor told me just before I graduated with my MLS that once I became a Librarian, I should not associate with people who weren't... in other words, don't associate with the lowly folks. I just happen to really like the lowly folks here at work. They are funnier. They talk about things that I like to talk about. Plus at one time I was a lowly folk but around here Librarians are the High and Mighty. Still I can't help myself. Like my girlie Deepnthought said last week, I love the underdog. Loving the underdog or not, I'm not about to commit career-suicide or have some of my colleagues looking at me like I'm crazy because some wanna be playa has a hand problem! I should have never sat in the back... or better yet, after mulling this crap through my brain all darn day, I think I'm going to have to pull LL's coat. What he did is considered sexual harassment workplace 101 and it just isn't cool.


Don said...

he had the audacity to try to embarrass me by attempting to grab the booty

Yeah, you might have to pull his card. Dude appears to be out-of-control.

Liryc said...

Knowitall.. do what needs to be done. IF I were you I'd go to that supervisor that he's messing with and tell her what he did. You some older women in their jealous rages tend to go over and beyond to create havoc for that affair gone wrong. Just say it girl.. say it to her.. (ok I'm going to stop egging you on) But pull that mans card. He needs to know that sexual harassment is a serious offense. He should know from what his supervisor is already doing to him.

CCGroovy!!! said...

That was completely inappropriate for the workplace. If U don't report him first; at the very least U should definitely have a face-to-face with him to explain in matter of fact terms that this is completely unacceptable. And hey; U work in a library...DOCUMENTATION... DOCUMENTATION... DOCUMENTATION !!!