Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have a friend who was in love with Jay-Z. Not just like being a fan and having every album, poster or t-shirt with his face on it. Even more than that. She was in a relationship with him, yet, she never met him...

She would talk about her and Jay as if they had very real dealings. And like any real relationship when she was stressed, Jay was always there to talk to. Now by textbook standards my friend is unmistakably crazy but she's one of my oldest peeps and I understand how every now and again we all need somebody to lean on. Hell it could have been me & Nas or Andre 3000 or Michael Jai White.

Thankfully my friend and Jay broke up.

I say all that to say that I too was in an imaginary relationship. Not with Jay or any of my imaginary lovers that I mentioned above but someone who showed his face every now and again. Someone who sent a text or two when the mood hit him. Someone who sporadically occupied my bedroom space and when he left always took a piece of me with him. Someone who I thought I felt very deeply for but I think that I may have been imagining that. Someone who I feel very connected to and shared so much with even now I feel confused about my decision.


The True Urban Queen said...

An imaginary relationship is the hardest to let go of.
And even when you know it is not a real relationship in your mind, in your heart you want to believe and hold on to notion that it is.
And when you let go, it hurts more than saying goodbye to someone who you really had who wanted to be a real part of your life.
And that imaginary lover is the one you tell your dreams to. The one you open up to.
I know all about imaginary relationships, too.

MsKnowitAll said...

Thank you T-Queen for coming through and for shedding your light on this topic. You summed it all up.