Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Past Love, Part II

Didn't want to wait too long to post Part II...

I mentioned that Craig was a drunk... but he was/is a functional drunk. He went to work each day, even though he was late and he drank up his rent money. While we were involved, he actually rented out his bedroom and slept on his couch. This was after months of pleading for me to move in or help his out financially and I declined to do both.

So after seeing the woman I told her that I was a friend to Craig's roommate, the dude who rented the bedroom. While conversing she told me that she was there to meet Craig. Craig stood up in the middle of the living room like an idiot. He didn't know what to do with himself.

I never made it to the bathroom but Craig tried to grab me up and pull me into the bathroom when I wouldn't budge off of the couch. That was when I flipped his keyboard on the floor. I knew that would stop him because he is a musician. The woman he invited over stayed clear out the way, lucky for her.

He tried to hug me because I started to cry (out of anger) when the reality of the situation hit me but I pushed him off of me and he fell into the wall where the lamp was and it hit the floor.

When I tired myself of the drama, I decided to leave as Craig kept trying to stop me, telling that I would never leave him. That angered me so because I really did not want to leave him. That was one very convenient arrangement! I would leave his house at 6:00 am on a weekday, head to my house to shower and change and head to work on time.

I wish I could say that that was the last time I saw Craig but it wasn't.

About a month later I get a phone call from a producer from the Jerry Springer show inviting me out to Chicago to talk about relationships. Craig had called to schedule us to be on to discuss men who are in abusive relationships with women!!! Once again I was livid. My homie DC happened to be at my house and even though I deleted Craig's number from my phone, it came right back as I called him while I walked right over to his house. Me and DC roll up and Craig is all calm and subdued as he explains to DC that he's recently recovering from his injuries and that I destroyed his family heirlooms - all the while he's drinking a Heineken. It was 11:00 am.
I told him that he better not be calling the People's Court or Judge Judy because I'd really injure him. Craig has dreams of being on TV and he'd already appeared on an Judge Greg Mathis episode.

I never saw Craig after that. He called to wish me a happy mother's day (by the way I do not have children) one year but that was about it. I see his fat head brother (yes the one who is married and came over that day) every now and again but that's about it.

Like I mentioned I was never disappointed with Craig. I mean that man drove me c-r-a-z-y. It's kind of like that Jill Scott song "Cross My Mind" and the lyrics:

"But the reality where never good for me and I was never good for you. I just remember what we used to do..."


Lovebabz said...

What I know for sure is...when you are ready to give up the drama, the drama will stop. You are so amazing, and I wish for you an amazing mate. Now you have to believe that too!

MsKnowitAll said...


The drama is long gone. This was a past love from years ago. I'm in a much stabler, peaceful relationship/friendship now. But I thank you for coming through and I may your wishes flow on my current. We need it!

Don said...

That's funny where you said Craig called and had you and he scheduled to appear on Jerry Springer. Sounds like you still hold compassion for him.

Good deal.

MsKnowitAll said...

The Jerry Springer producers were so rude & persistent! I laugh about it now but it was bothersome. They called about 5 or 6 times before they got the message.

I still hold some of that O passion for Craig. He's definitely on my mental list for working a sista out.