Thursday, April 17, 2008

Co-Workers.... Swiss

Co-Worker definition, according to

Another person you are forced to be around 40+ hours a week in order to earn a
paycheck. Outside of work, you would NEVER want to associate with this person
except to point to them and tell the police, "Yeah, there's the idiot that stole
your squadcar right there Officer".

As is expected in a Library, I have some of the most annoying co-workers. Of course there's Saki, but there's another.... we'll call her Swiss, she has been laying down the sarcasm something serious yet passing it off as questions. For instance one day last week we were out to lunch, by we I mean me, FP and CB. Swiss pops up in the pizza shop and sits at our table. FP, CB and myself, we're brown people and we're having a very brown conversation. Swiss chimes in every now and again with a question or comment. We were not purposely discussing something that she could not understand but us 3 are always together and well, we don't really like Swiss and we were not trying to be inclusive.

The highlight of lunch was when I was talking to CB about kicking her out of my life. The term I used was from a previous private joke and Swiss says "What did you say about CB and a bucket of chicken?". That was the last straw and before I lost it, I got up and left the spot.

I know I should have said more. We weren't near Library property, I could have shoved my foot deep, pulled out the knives and started slicing but I simply walked away but I was mad as hell about it all day.

Anyway, I got some relief by youtubing one of my favorite scenes from the Austin Power trilogies. Here's to you Swiss!


Divine Perception said...

I'm guessing the Swiss miss has a mole. A big unattractive attachment to her face that if you could you would rip it off no questions asked. Ewww... I say one of you needs to tell her a thing or two about being sensitive to your race/culture. I'm sure if it was the other way around, i'm sure you would be sitting in HR.

MsKnowitAll said...

You guessed right Divine. I made a vow to myself and told the rest of the co-workers that I would not eat or be around her where she could converse with me but the next time (and there probably will be a next time), I'm more prepared to deal with her.

Charizard said...

Kai...I know peeps like that...I avoid them like a plague mehn...

MsKnowitAll said...

It's not so easy to avoid these types of persistent people. Swiss is a royal pain, no joke.