Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Know I'm Snappish - Blame it on the Estrogen!!! - Part 2

I've got this co-worker who makes countless offensive comments and though I really didn't cut her as deep as I wanted to today, once again I had to shut her down. We have bouts all of the time, sometimes I like her, today I do not and the days of me not liking her are becoming continual. For the sake of this post, we'll call her Saki.
Part 1 of Saki's offense today was telling me that I was raised by a single mother. We've worked together for 6 years and while we're not best friends, we are fairly close. I have never told her that I was raised by a single mother. My parents are very much married and have been for the past 31 years. And today was not the first time she made this comment, but it was the first time in about 3 years that I got rigid with her behind.
Part 2 of her offense was telling me that most single mothers are on public assistance. Now I know that she really meant to say that most women of color who are single mothers are on public assistance since that's what she thinks because she buys into a lot of stereotypes. A few weeks ago she tells me that an old co-worker who went out on maternity leave and didn't come back was "fortunate to be on welfare and didn't have to work". I've remained cool with this co-worker who has relocated to Florida and is working as an ESL teacher.

Today's conversation....
Saki: How was your Thanksgiving? Did your mom cook?
Me: My Thanksgiving was very nice. My mom didn't cook this year because she worked.
Saki: Your mom still works at the museum?
Me: Yes but she worked at her other job on Thanksgiving.
Saki: Your mother sure works a lot of job, you know I'm surprise your mom was a single mom and she work because most single moms doooo...... (The grammatical errors are on purpose and nope she didn't get to finish this comment).
Me: (Imagine the Black girl base in the voice & my supervisor slowly walking past my cubicle) You know what Saki, this is the 2nd time you made a sly comment about my mother and the 1st time I politely told you that my mother is married to my father but if you don't know something, which happens a lot of the time, you need to ask first because making these fly comments will get your feelings hurt.

I could have continued but all I really wanted to do was whap her straight in the face. Saki makes comments like these all the time and no amount of me getting loud with her is going to stop her, not unless I just reach out and slap her ass or travel my butt down to personnel like she threatened to do one time when I got a little stern with her.
A co-worker tells me the other day, "you know Saki really likes you, she just doesn't think before she speaks". Ummm, you know what? That's exactly why I don't like her! I could care less if she likes me! I just really want her to shut the hell up. In the past she's told me that she saw a picture of me and she thought it was a monkey. She told me that I must brush my teeth with cocaine because they are so white. So told my co-worker with natural hair that in her country they say that her hair is "broccoli hair" and so many other comments that for some reason I cannot remember at this moment.
And you would think that this would stop her from coming to my desk today but nooooo, that skuz came back when my supervisor left and she took one of my potato chips from the bag on my desk.

Saki: You are going to get high blood pressure from these potato chips.
(By the way, they were low salt potato chips)

So here I sit, Saki free because that heifer took my advice and went home and I don't have to call on my mama, my baby, or my friends for bail money. I am a little worked up with the right leg bouncing but I'm chillin' with some Amel Larrieux and my spicy but low salt potato chips waiting for clock out time.


Anonymous said...

whoop her ass. you need help let a sista know, i got your back. if you want to go it alone you know i got the bail money ready. just in case i'm gonna do my stretches. holla at ya girl.

Just Kel said...

i cannot whoop saki as much i as i want to take her out sometimes. i don't want a law suit and i need my job. but i love you, my ride or die chick, part deux.