Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Know I'm Snappish - Blame it on the Estrogen!!! - Part 3

Okay it started with the morning commute...
I was waiting on the train at my station and some idiot is walking by. He's checking me and trying to get my attention but I'm ignoring him. So I'm looking down the tunnel to see if my train is arriving and this tard stands in my line of vision, so that I would have no choice but to look at him but after I squinted my eyes at him, he moved and he better had. I didn't have no other problem out of him.
And then...
As I get off at my stop, this older woman gets off before me. Instead of getting off and moving to the side before she digs deep into her pocketbook, she takes one step out of the train and stops RIGHT THERE as people are exiting the train. This is rush hour. I can't stress it enough. First off, I'm late for work, as usual, but this woman better be glad that I respect the elderly because I was right on her butt and ready to take her out but I stopped short and went around her. She wasn't really that old and I'm not saying that so that I won't be perceived as a threat to the elderly. Whatever her age, she should have been wise enough to steer clear of the masses exiting the train in the middle of rush hour.
And I finally...
Arrive into the office space and I have my don't mess with me face on that I have every morning. That's actually my natural face and I have to smile in order to not look mean. Now I'm still simmering from Saki's craziness yesterday, partly because I've been talking about it all night long and then her face is the first that I see. So I sit at my desk today and decide, you know what, I'm not playing this game. I'm playing the other game... First off, I'm posting on my desk the definition of harassment provided by the HR department, including the phone number and the next time she says something out of the way, I'm calling to ask some questions like...
Should I be alarmed:

  • When a co-worker tells me that I will probably have children out of wedlock instead of following tradition and getting married first?
  • When a co-worker tells me that I was a bad student and a devilish child?
  • When a co-worker tells me that I speak and write very well for most Black people?
  • When a co-worker asks me why am I always mad?
  • When a co-worker tells me that most Black people like to buy brand names items with the logo/name all over it?

Or when she does non-verbal things like:

  • Wiping her desk down with alcohol after I leave her area after she asked me to come over and help her with something.

Yeah I'm getting quite sick of her, moment by moment, and I think she truly needs a wake up call or some fire under her butt because her ways and comments are hurtful and just not cool.

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