Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday - My Monday

I am at a calm point in my life. Work is good, weekends are all right, home is taken care of (or getting there after last week's downpour), so all is content. Nothing special to write about and I haven't really been posting a lot but here does my Grateful Thursday List.

Today I am so thankful for:

having a relationship with God
being in a stable, committed relationship
living very close to my semi-retired mom who makes things so much easier
a seat on the local train this morning
my funny co-workers
Walter Mosley's new book Blonde Faith
cable TV
the cable shows Weeds & Californication
tonight's TV shows Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy
black kitten heel boots
for my honey buying me this cute jacket from Old Navy that I wore today
being safe living through another Halloween in the hood
sugar free chai latte
lean cuisines and smart ones

And there's so much more but that'll be all I post for today...

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