Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm So Glad You're Here... The Weekend

I'm so glad the weekend is here... it's unbelievable that we had a day off this week. I think the day off makes the week even longer. I haven't posted since Tuesday but my week has been a rollercoaster ride since Monday with relationship issues, MOSTLY, personal esteem issues that me and my journal are working out, food issues - you know some of my co-workers love to see the pudge - and I've yet to gain the will power to walk away from carbohydrates (can't have just one).

But I am so glad that Friday is here and there is no one or nothing that I have to rush home to. I actually would love to see my baby, but a whole entire borough and some water separates us. I feel that we are in a long distance relationship but we have our challenges that keep us apart.

Even so I'm looking forward to...

the bath I'm planning to take today with candles around the tub, incense burning, reading "Wild Stars Seeking Midnight Suns", listening to Sade "Lover's Rock"
the heat i'm expecting to be pumping tonight
sleeping spread eagled, SOLO!
spending the day with Mom tomorrow to celebrate her 36th birthday-LOL (she would kill me if she knew I posted that)
spending the day cuddled with the hun this coming Sunday

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