Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Past Love, Part I

I woke up this morning thinking of one of my past loves. While Craig was not one of my best past loves, I was never disappointed in the O department. However Craig was a drunk, probably still is and I should have known better before we crossed the line.

We hooked up somewhat seriously when Craig had fortunately moved into a building directly around the corner from me. I could see him everyday if I wanted to. Most of all I wasn't crowded by his presence or his belongings, nor was he crowded by mine. I didn't compromise his space, however from the remnants left behind, several females did.

First I found a pair of thongs. There were located in a pile of clothes but I really wasn't searching. The thongs were bright orange and simply stuck out. He told me that they were an old pair he got from another woman years ago but he happened to keep them and move them from the old apartment. It was believable so I turned a blind eye.

Secondly I found bobbie pins. I happened to come over after work one day and instead of watching TV in the living room, we watched from the bedroom and underneath the pillow were 3 hair pins. He told me his brother must have brought some woman over while he was at work. I really didn't believe this but hey men will be men and I was holding out so I knew he was getting it from somewhere.

Thirdly I found some unmentionables in the bathroom trash. I was livid because at that point he and the woman he messed with were just plain ole nasty. He told me it wasn't his but he had a few friends and some strippers over one weekend and they must've left it. I gave him serious fever over this because right about this time we were sexually involved. Yet I still forgave him.

Fourthly I found a picture of a female. Well I didn't find it and I didn't have to snoop because kneegro had the picture proudly displayed on top of his TV. I ripped the picture up and I cursed him out. He apologized profusely. It wasn't his picture he told me but a picture of his brother's co-worker. I let it slide.

Fifthly... One Saturday night I was home and on the phone with Craig and we were arguing, probably over his cheating and lying. He told me to cut the crap and come over so we could discuss the issue face to face. I figured once we saw each other the fighting would cease (if you know what I mean). I clearly took too long because by the time I got there dumb ass Craig opens the door but he won't let me in which infuriated me. I insisted that I really had to use the bathroom and after I pinched him and threatened him with a straight pin (he was afraid of straight pins-LOL) idiot boy let me in. I was cool. I really was but home girl from the picture was sitting on the couch. Craig introduced us and I immediately recognized her. He told me she was his brother's co-worker and was waiting for his brother there. Craig's brother is married with a team of children so I understood why he was meeting a lady at Craig's house but something rubbed me wrong and I started questioning, especially since she was looking past me towards Craig and he was probably telling her I was some crazy nutcase.

Long story somewhat shorter, I hung around until Craig's brother showed up but by the look on his face I knew the deal and I didn't start any drama. I simply told Craig that I was leaving and though I was really hurt and I really wanted to do some bodily harm to this man but I didn't.

I will admit to throwing some crap at him but he ducked and missed them. I admit to destroying his lamp and knocking his keyboard on the floor but that was it, really harmless. Nobody was hurt...

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Jennabee said...

OMG GIRL!! FOR REAL! Craig is trip-ing! Kick his but to the curb!