Thursday, October 22, 2009

If Prince Gave Me A Private Concert

This post idea came to me as I surfed the internet for the lyrics of one of my favorite Prince songs... Anotherloverholenyohead...

First off, if Prince gave me a private concert, it would definitely end with a happy ending. I'm just saying... I love Prince. Always have. Remember that Michael Jackson/Prince battle back in the 80s? I was rooting for Prince and for me he won. He may be effeminate to some but for me he's just plain ole sexy. There is something about them dudes (Prince & Andre Benjamin) but I don't doubt Prince's... ummm... sexability. Then after the concert, and the happy ending, I'd probably be unconscious or in bliss for days after that nobody would believe that Prince Rogers Nelson even gave me a private concert.

So if Prince ever came through my hood of the Bronx or invited me to Paisley Park... he'd have to sing...

The Marrying Kind
Do Me Baby
Pop Life
Call My Name
Do U Lie
I Wanna Be Your Lover
Nothing Compares 2 U
I Love U In Me
Diamonds & Pearls
Purple Rain
Take Me With U
I Feel For You
When 2 R In Love

Now in whatever order he chooses to sing these songs, it's fine with me but I know he'd start out mellow, amp up to a easy dance groove and then end it with ballads and pure sensuality...


Ms. Insatiable said...

Insatiable is the reason my son is here now. Seriously. I remember the night I listened to that and what happened later on that evening when his dad came over after playing basketball with the fellas. Yup. Thank you Prince. LOL

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I think Prince can work it. That whole Big things in little packages saying. . . then again he had to have his hip replaced (I think). HAHA

I would love to see a Prince concert. ..never had the pleasure.

I love me some Prince songs. . Adore and when he is screaming at the end of Doves Cry are my favorites.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Girl...HUSH!!! If Prine gave ME a private concert...the world would never see him again!

And if he sang Adore to me...after I recovered from fainting it wouldn't be a PG show, LOL!

I agree that he is one of the sexiest out there, but I may only be able to handle a couple of hours of his freakiness. Then he would have to record a message for my phone to use as my ringtone.

What a souvenir...Prince saying "Kay, Kay...your phone is ringing" every time my phone rang in his sexy voice. *SMH in appreciation* ;-) My 'minutes used' would skyrocket!!! I'd call my self just to hear it ;-)

MsKnowitAll said...

Oh my! I had such a good time creating to this post, listening to Prince and reading your comments.

Insatiable... I used to have an answering machine message to the song Insatiable. mmm mmm mmm Goodness! The messages I used to receive once they got past listening.

Queen... Big thangs in small packages? Yup. LOL I haven't seen Prince in concert either. I think of concerts when you see the women falling out and I suppose that would be me. Swoooon!

Kay C... LMAO!!! ROTF!!! You wouldn't just have a Prince concert, you'd have a Prince Experience - With a keepsake. I didn't even think of the souvenir (or proof) just that nobody would believe I had Prince up in my livingroom. "Yeah girl, he sat on that stool and sang "Nothing Compares..." and then we did ___ right where you sittin'". LOL

clnmike said...

Thats a short list.

Don said...

Prince, one in a million.

Ironic that I wrote a post Saturday speaking upon Prince - set for tomorrow. I'm a Prince fan and have always admired the way he wrote, arranged, composed and performed all his music in the studio.

A master.

Anotherloverholenyohead is a very underrated Prince song.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

"Yeah girl, he sat on that stool and sang "Nothing Compares..." and then we did ___ right where you sittin'". LOL

LMAO!!!! The proof ain't for's for me! Shoot, I would have to make sure I didn't have one hell of a dream, LOL! Always think long term.

I ain't telling nobody nothing, them heffas might try to take my phone and I would have to beat them down ;-)

Anonymous said...
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