Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's My Anniversary...

I am learning that the Library is a big ole trap. The Library Trap. They trap you into working here for decades with the lure of Library School, better known as a Masters Degree in Information and Library Science. Then you're stuck here waiting on some older worker to retire or expire and hope that there is funding to keep the position open so you can apply and get the job. If or when that does happen, then you're here trying to learn that job, doing the job of others who have left and then the rest of the work is dumped on the remaining masses.

Today, they threw me a party to celebrate...

1. My birthday
2. My 11th anniversary

The food was delicious. The cake... ummm... was okay. No liquor. :(

In my department, we celebrate everyone's birthday, every year. Somebody please tell me why do they always try to surprise me? I always know when something is up. My co-workers leave the office area for long periods of time. CB comes over and asks me to escort her to the lounge for soda. How obvious can you people get?

That's me, front and center (I am sooo adorable). My supervisor is to the left with the locks. The one with her head of my shoulder is Ms. Liryc (fellow blogger), The far right is Shoba (Indian Princess Warrior), up above me is my homie.... I don't know if I should but I don't think she would be mad if I revealed her (but she may be mad because I posted this pic)... that's CB AKA Miss Stress (who also left the blog world suddenly and reemerged perhaps) and Ms. Ukraine is behind Warrior Princess. The photographer, my personal photographer (LOL) is on-the-job husband FP.

Then the anniversary.... First off, who celebrates 11 years on the job unless you're about to leave. 11 is an odd number! Secondly, they presented me with my 10 year pin today. Ummm, off by a year, huh? Yep. The library is definitely an off place. Thirdly, my 12 year anniversary is in January. My 11th year is almost over. So you mean to tell me I'm not worth 2 parties?

That's me holding up my teeeny 10 year pin. I can barely see it. But my cuff bracelet is cewt! Wonder Woman! (My baby gave it to me)

I loved the food and I'm so glad that I am taking most of it home. I have shrimp and veggies for dinner, along with chocolate strawberry shortcake and fruit. My co-worker Saki, yes Saki, paid for it. Well she can afford it actually because she's the only one of us who works because she wants to and for financial security just in case her husband pulls the strings on their marriage... But on a better note, me and Saki have gotten along better this year than in prior years and she loves me. We've outworked everyone else in this department, working together for 7 years.

All in all.... I'M HAPPY! I love this place. If I didn't, I would have crawled out of this library hole 8 years ago when I graduated with my undergrad. I would then be trapped with young'ns for 10 months a year, summers off. Who said library's don't know how to throw a party? For my tastes, all I need is good food and cake. A little bubbly snuck under the table by one of my cronies would have been nice-er.

Most of all, as always.... I'm thankful.


Jewells said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!! You are adorable!

That is rather lame of them to give you your 10 year pin a year after the fact, and then waited two months shy of your 12th year to give you a party. SMH. Guess it's the thought that counts, right?

Lovebabz said...

Happy Happy
birthday anniversary, day, life, times

Happy Happy Happy
to you!

Unforgiven said...

Hey there, happy belated birthday and anniversary. I'm sure Miss Stress doesn't mind you posting the picture (wink). She is just happy that you are still around. Life wouldn't be the same without you...

With lots of love

MsKnowitAll said...

@ Jewells... I reread my post and can't believe I was bold enough without an LOL after to say I was adorable. I'm feeling myself!

Thank you Sis.

It's my old boss who done it, if I have to blame someone. But I'm thankful because with everything done, they didn't have to do anything at all.

@ Lovebabz... it's so easy to get caught up. This has been a trying 2 weeks for me but in the midst of it, there are these happy moments. I want to soak them up like a sponge.

@UNFORGIVEN... wink, wink, wink! Thank you for everything sis/cousin/friend/co-worker/cut buddy/cell mate LOL

Don said...

Hey msknowitall, nice to blog meet you. Pretty black woman.

I wish I could've taken some of that food home with me.

MsKnowitAll said...

Awww Don - Thank you! :)
I still have food left and it's so good! LOL

Ticia said...

beautiful pic

MsKnowitAll said...

Thanks Ticia!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Aaaww how sweet.

My sister works at a library in VA. She complains and loves it.
Which I see you do too. the job.

That is funny about going on 12 getting a 10 year pin.


MsKnowitAll said...

Queen... i thought that was your sister who sometimes comments on your blog. this is a funny place. good to know other libraries are just as quirky.

Eb the Celeb said...

Happy Belated birthday missy!

MsKnowitAll said...

Thanks Eb!

Alyson said...

People should read this.