Monday, January 28, 2008

Back to Work!

It’s something about Mondays… I come back to work after the weekend and I just long for the mattress, the down comforter and the remote control. Instead I roll up in this crazy Library…

Someone stole my co-worker, Saki’s, sneakers. Me and Saki wear the same size. Well not really. She wears about a half-size smaller than I do. I tried her sneakers on once and they just fit. I told her that there were really cute and they were. A nice little orange and silver pair of N.ikes.

We all keep an extra pair of shoes here at the office. I have a box and I keep 2 pairs of boots, 2 pairs of slippers and some flats under my desk. I know it was a staff member, security or maintenance, since the public has no access to this area and the public wouldn’t think to look under the desk and find a darn near new pair of sneakers and walk about without security ready to grab them up. Plus there are cameras everywhere.

While Saki is yelling and ranting about someone stealing her sneakers she turns to me and says “they even fit you, remember when you tried them on?” I hope like hell Saki doesn’t think I stole her damned sneakers!!!! I don’t even wear sneakers. I like them but I look crazy in them.

That reminded me of a time when a woman who worked in the Library, but in a different department, lost her David Yurman topaz ring. She left it in the bathroom. She said it was a family heirloom and even offered an award for it. She never found the ring.

I happen to have a topaz ring. It is no where near being a David Yurman but it is just as chunky as his rings are. One day Saki was down in my office and she says to me, you have a topaz ring, suppose she comes to question you about it. 2 days later, the young lady who left her ring in the bathroom and another worker come into my office, bearing gifts of paper cups and plastic mugs. She gasps as she looks down at my topaz ring. She asks me if I know that she is the one who lost her ring. By now my face is all screwed up because I know Saki did not tell this woman to come and see if I had her ring. I told her that I knew it was her, I was sorry for her loss, and if I saw anyone with her ring I would be sure to let her or security know. Then she starts crying. Probably because she was fed untrue information and probably from looking at my ring and wanting hers back. I never questioned Saki about it. I should have but I know me and it would not have been pretty so I let it go.

I’m upset that Saki lost her nearly new pair of gym sneakers. I know how it feels and no one likes to have their private property taken from them. But if she repeats anything about me trying them sneakers on, Saki is definitely catching a case!

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