Monday, January 7, 2008

Incomplete (Happy Monday!) Thoughts

I really should stop drinking coffee. Although I drink it because it tastes so good and not for the caffeine, which does nothing for me, it's got me feeling a little crappy right now. :( Maybe I shouldn't drink it as much...

Since the year began, one of my close friends has been diagnosed with diabetes, my partner's cousin/best friend passed away today and I attended a funeral last week. I think it's wise to get my annual physical and make sure everything's functioning properly.

My mother has gone and done it again. She got me touting up my lips, sucking my teeth and hardly speaking to her. There's something so strange about mother/daughter relationships.

Is Bernice L. McFadden ever gonna have another book published???? I miss her sooo much!

One of my co-workers looks like a chester-chester and I couldn't help but look at her and laugh on the inside, all day long today. If only she'd get some glasses and stop squinting her eyes and pick up her head while she's looking at you. Gosh!

I think I'm going to have to have a sit down with DC and let her know that I think she's stupid. I'm a little reluctant but I should ask her to stay with me until she gets her crap together.

Please tell me VH1 is not giving Flava Flav another chance! Didn't Charm School shut that mess down? Guess not.

I can't believe it's Monday. I think I'm feeling a cough coming, am I about to sneeze? Dang, I think I'm catching a little cold and I may have to call out sick one day this week.... LOL


Liryc said...

Don't be absent this week.. come on.. its our first full week back at work.. stick it out

Opinionated Diva said...

Yeah...I agree, don't take a day so soon - even though I already lied and took one myself! hehehehe

What's a "chester-chester"?

I have one of those weird mother/daughter relationships with my mom too. We just don't get along...I've accepted it.

MsKnowitAll said...

ooops - i took off today but i really needed to.
diva - a chester-chester is a term used to refer to a pedofile. and i've read your postings about your mom so i know you understand.

have a good weekend!