Friday, January 11, 2008

Dedicated to my Mom

Me and my mom always had a close relationship and there were things in my life that I didn’t want to share with her because I knew that it would hurt her. My cousins were always trying to kill each other, getting arrested, having babies and abortions and doing all kinds of messes. I saw how their actions embarrassed my aunt and I didn’t want to follow behind them. I was not an innocent child, by far, but whatever I did, I always wanted to bring honor to my family and to myself.

I lived and had so much fun throughout my 20s but I always tried to be responsible. My parents raised me, did the best that they could and always wanted the best for me. The least I could do is repay them by keeping out of trouble, going to school, graduating and being independent but if my parents knew half of what I got myself into and thankfully out of, they would probably be ashamed.

Nowadays I don’t worry about shaming my mom as much as she shames me. My mother, as my co-worker, CB, says is Gangsta. She is loud, she says the craziest things, she curses like a sailor and she dances like a stripper. I can’t take her NO where. One time my mother's co-worker said something crazy to her and my mother says "you need to watch your mouth, because that's how people get shot". My mom doesn't own a gun, she ain't shooting nobody and I asked her where did the comment come from. She didn't answer the question but she looks at me all crazy and says, "It's true, right?". Though my partner tells me that I’m just like my mom, I only see a mild resemblance. Still I don’t want to ever bring any shame to her or make her feel bad for anything I’ve done. So in my 30s I’m still a good girl and I’m oh so proud about it.

My co-worker, Yves is such a sweetie, and we shared an experience yesterday that I won’t get into much because she might kill me. She’s been going through a crisis for the past 2 weeks that I hope has been resolved after last night but even the young ones offer some inspiration. She spoke about not wanting to shame her mom for some deed she has done and I say to Yves, ain't nothing wrong with being a good girl. I commend you for being in school, getting your degree and doing things in your life to restore harmony and balance.

And to my mom, I've given her a new name. She laughed at me last night as I told her. Her new name for '08 is Patience. She laughed because she's many things but she ain't got a patient bone in her body. The one thing that I love about my mom is that she is the funniest lady. She's in her 60s and she's still stronger and faster than me. She's got so much energy and she is still hot and sexy. I wish I had a pic of her to post but I don't. You'll just have to imagine.

Have a good weekend, y'all!

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Opinionated Diva said...

I sooooooooo identify with this.

I recently had a post (La Familia), where I mention that my mom told me, she knows she's gettin old because she can't "drop it like it's hot anymore". Did I really need to know that? lol

My mother is loud, she still pulls her money out of her bra, is ready to buss a cap in some azz (even though she does not own a gun and probably doesn't know how to shoot one either)...just can't take her no where!!! LOL

But you gotta laugh at 'em. Couldn't imagine them any other way could we?