Monday, January 14, 2008

"Bedda At Home"

I hadn't spoken to this young man in quite a while. We had some dealings about 6 years back. I was surprised when I saw him on the train, haven't seen him in a while. He put on weight. Was dressed in his uniform. He looked good. Sexy even.

He sat down next to me. Told me that I looked good. I complimented him with the same. He smelled really good. He asked if I was connected, I told him that I am. He told me that he was dating but he's not serious with any one woman. He then looked up at the ceiling of the train, as if reading, and recited my home phone number back to me. "Is that it?", he said. "Yes", I replied. I didn't know if it's because I was dog tired or because my stop was approaching... I don't know what it was, but I wasn't impressed.

He didn't call me that very night but tonight he does and tells me that he thinks of me a lot. He remembers so much about us and our time spent together. I'm like the good one who got away, he tells me. He then gives an analogy of the Titanic and how the shark is looking for one person but there are thousands of people floating in the ocean, but the shark only wants one. He says that he's that shark and there are many people that want him, but he only wants me.

I'm puzzled by this analogy. Actually I'm annoyed. It's ridiculous. What the hell is he talking about? He compares himself to a shark? Okay I get it, he's a man on the prowl? And I'm supposed to feel good about being his hunt?

I get off the phone not too long after this politely letting him know that under no circumstances is he to call my number again. If I recall, our first attempt at a relationship lasted about a month and our 2nd attempt lasted lasted a little more than a week. Something happened that turned me off from him real quick and of course I didn't remember what it was until this very conversation.

Jill Scott's lyrics from "Bedda At Home" come to my mind as I replace the cordless to the base...

"You're that kind/ That turns my head and makes me look/You're the kind/ That makes me pull single dollars/Out my pocket book/Your sexiness and vivacity makes me/Wanna cook my favorite recipe/And place it on your table, baby/Your intoxicating and so divine/You're the kind that stays on a sista's mind..."

And that's a dangone shame because that's where it ends for this chocolate brother who calls himself "T. Chestnut" and he does slightly resemble Mr. Morris Chestnut. However I prefer the qualities, physical & mental, that attract me and keep me devoted to my partner...

"He's the kind that curls my toes/He's the kind that loves my mind and feeds my soul/His intellect and outer respect, makes me wanna crawl/And be my best/And I know...He loves his baby/He sense of self and silliness/Makes the hardest things/The simplest and I look but don't touch"

I accepted the phone call inquisitively. I could have told T. Chestnut on the train not to even bother but I was momentarily interested. It felt good to be remembered, desired and pursued, again. Sometimes in long term relationships the thrill simmers, but to my man I say...

"Baby I know you love me, And your love is wonderful.
You help me feel free,
I wont betray you unintentionally, or intentionally,
I got you babe,
You can rest your shoulders and sleep at night - Okay"

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Don said...

It felt good to be remembered, desired and pursued, again

I can tell. And I feel you.