Thursday, January 10, 2008

Girl, Let It Go!

I get to the train station this morning and I just missed my train. That was cool because I was a little earlier than usual, which is slightly strange for me. I used to be late in 2007 but I'm striving to be on time in '08.
However I'm on the platform and I happen to look over and there's Keyana, this chick who I went to Jr. High School with. She's mean mugging me, looking me up and down and it eventually ends with an eye roll. I've seen Keyana since we've graduated from Jr. High but it's been about 15 years since the last time I've seen her. She hasn't changed much and I recognized her immediately because she's an amazon. I'm not making fun of tall women. I happen to be 5'5" and Keyana is 6' but she was that tall in Jr. High and you know she got teased.
I laugh very loud, especially when I am caught off guard. I was prepared to smile, wave hello or something but the mean face and eye roll... my laugh echoed all over the platform. It's crazy that Keyana has a 19 year grudge. Ohmygoodness, I graduated from Jr. High School almost 19 years ago... I digress.
So almost 19 years ago, Keyana was going steady with this dude named Lance. Everybody knew they were together and if they had children, lemme tell you their kids would be giants! Lance is well over 6 feet, probably like 6'5" or 6'6" because he towered over Keyana. Anyway, Lance and I were in the same class and we were friends until he and Keyana took a break from each other. One night he calls me and asks me if I would like to be his girlfriend. My mind kept screaming out "heck naw girl, you know he goes with Keyana and they will always be together" but my mouth said "I'll think about it, if you and Keyana are still broken up in 2 weeks, call me and I'll say yes". Two weeks later, Lance calls, I say yes. Exactly 5 days into our relationship, my friend Darren comes over to me in gym and tells me that Lance is breaking up with me to get back with Keyana. My heart broke. You know I fell in love during those 5 days and me and Lance were supposed to have some tall babies of our own but I kept my composure until I got home so me and Lance can have a chit chat over the phone. I called him and lo and behold Keyana is over at his house, probably doing some heavy making up. She grabs the phone and proceeds to curse me out. I can't imagine what she said verbatim but I can imagine she told me to "leave her man alone, don't call him, blah, blah, blah". I had to see Lance again. We had the same homeroom and most of our classes together. I was not arguing back with her, Lance and her were unbreakable back then and I was stupid to think that me and him would have a real relationship. I remember apologizing to her. I told her that I didn't mean to meddle but I just called because I wanted to talk to Lance. She cursed me out again and we hung up on each other.
I called my homies who were all in high school because something told me that Keyana was going to start a fight with me the next day. Everyone was prepared to meet me at 2:30 p.m. just in case someone in Keyana's posse (yes, we called our crews posses then) was gonna try to jump me. I talk a lot of mess, then and now, but I don't run from no fight so I was prepared for big ole Key, I was about 10 deep. Keyana rolls up, she's looming over me asking if I told someone I was gonna beat her up. I told her that I didn't tell anybody that I wanted to fight her but I warned her that if she looked like she was about to hit me, I would be forced to knock her down. She moved out of my way and with the push of her crew, came back to block me. We played this game about 3 times before I screamed in her face that I wasn't going to fight her over Lance or no other man. I didn't have a problem with her but if she insisted I would fight her for harassing me. Me and Keyana didn't fight that day but we never spoke again and today was a reminder of that.
Let me clarify that me and Keyana were not friends at all. I didn't steal her man. I wasn't even having sex back then so that wasn't a factor. I guess it was just the principle of the whole thing. As long as we attended Jr. High, Lance was hers and no other girl was supposed to have him. I got over it quickly. The day after, I was fine but of course the story was out and everybody was talking about how me and Keyana were about to fight over Lance, which is exactly what I didn't want to happen but hey. I thank you Keyana for a hearty morning laugh and reminiscence. I know I should have gone over to her and spoken for the sake of it but I couldn't. After the laugh I just kept chuckling, smiling and thinking about how short that darn relationship was. I remember we started on a Friday and broke up on Tuesday. There were no kisses, no love letters, no walks home, we were boyfriend and girlfriend in name only and before I blinked my eyes, we were over. My head is shaking from side to side as I conclude...


Opinionated Diva said...


I can not believe that she is holding a grudge over some junior high school mess from nearly twenty years ago.

All these years later, you two should have been able to laugh about it and yet she's mean mugging. lol...trifling women always crack me up.

That Girl Jonnie said...

I don't know you from Adam (or Eve), but this story cracked me up!

Mz. Newy said...

*snicker* Dang...she must be miserable carrying around an-almost-twenty-year-old grudge. LOL this story had me cracking up!