Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Love List

I was reading O! Magazine last week and there is a featured article entitled The Love List. The woman in the article created a list of all of the qualities she wanted in a potential mate. She created this list to send out to the universe so that she would attract that special someone in her life. Years later when she met a possible suitor, she gave him the list to peruse and to both of their surprise he only missed 2 qualities, unimportant qualities at that.

I pulled out one of my many notebooks. I'm a stationery junkie so I have blank notebooks, pads, journals all over and I proceeded to write my own love list. It never occurred to me to create a list like this before. I've got small wish lists in my head like: a body like Michael Jai White, a face like Boris Kodjoe, a bank account like Diddy's, teeth like Morris Chestnut (I'm only joking) but those are surface qualities. This woman in the article was told to write 100 qualities. That's a lot to even think about but when you're describing that special someone you are looking for, it's good to get specific.

Here's a small list of my own desirables...

1. Shares my spiritual values

2. Has a reasonably normal familial relationship with close family & especially parents

3. Wants to have children or supports & spends quality time with children already conceived

4. Has a wonderful sense of humor

5. Employed in a legal profession

6. Confident enough to let this woman be herself

7. Educated or well-read (It's nice to have book smarts but it's great to have wisdom & common sense)

8. Accountable for their own paycheck, checking account, savings account

9. Honesty inspite of whatever I feel or say or do or don't do or don't say

10. Emotionally vulnerable

11. Sensitive to my emotions, feelings, opinions

12. Be a Leader

13. Handy with most tools... hammers, nails, drills, etc. (If I can do it, my mate better be able to do it)
14. Faithfulness

15. Talks as well as listens

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J said...

Good list, makes me want to start my own.