Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day

I really don't like to call in on a Friday but there are 2 reasons why I did just that today...

The first is I have been singing the "It Ain't My Job" tune for the past couple of days because I've been asked to train the person who took over my previous position. Saying that I don't want to train her is an understatement but I told my previous supervisor "Sure", with a smile, and I've been venting about it since.

The second reason for calling out is when I got up this morning and looked out of my window and saw the foot of snow outside (it was really about 2 inches), I just had to call in sick. I have a large amount of sick time that I will never be compensated for anyway... I betcha nobody showed up to work today... and I can find about 48 more excuses to justify my calling out. lol

Overall I think I had a good work week. I must add that I really enjoy my work. It could be so much worse and by just reflecting, me and my co-workers really have it good. Our salaries could be 5% higher but we have such a relaxed work environment, hardly any pressure, we take long lunches and breaks, we shoot the breeze all day, we text, instant message, email, all at our leisure and it's so cool.

But I thought I would recap my week with my "Likes"...

Saturday.... I liked the carrot cheesecake I had at The Cheesecake Factory (I am such a foodie).

Sunday.... I liked DeepnThought's post "Are You a Diamond or Glass Pretending To Be"... I've been doing some reflection and readjusting this entire week from that post.

Monday.... I liked how I did absolutely nothing but sleep, read and watch a little TV. It's not often I get a free day like that but when I do I just want to wallow in it.

Tuesday.... Reading Opinionated Diva's "Flashback Friday, Date from Hell" post. I purposely did not read her post until I was back on my desk on Tuesday. For some reason I love cracking up at the job, laughing and staring at the PC like some nutty chick but that's the experience that I so craved and waited for.

Wednesday.... I really liked QueenofMyCastle's post "I Choose"... This woman has an alluring mind! I admire her choice and use of words, her freedom in expressing her experiences. I am so moved, so moved.

Thursday.... I liked CapCity's "No mo' Excuses Dagnabit! Get Back on Track!"post ... this big girl needed the inspiration...

Friday.... LoveBabz came through today and I paid her a visit and her post
"Faith Forward Friday: I Am The One That I Want" had my smile creases folding. I truly admired "I do know that I am fixing my mind to attract my heart's desire, just as I am growing myself to become my heart's desire... with God's help of course."


Don said...

I enjoyed Queen of My Castle's post as well. I like when a woman can step outside of the normal, and commit herself to that which she feels good about. No matter how others, negative people, may perceive her actions.

I replied to your Cheating post from awhile back. I'm not sure if you receive blog comment notifications.

Opinionated Diva said...

Thnx for the shout out!

I absolutely ADORE Queen of my Castle! She's so crafty with her expressions to describe the simplest of tasks! Luv her!

Deep is my blog Cuz. I love everything she writes as well, but I especially liked the post you referenced!

Reading about the cheesecake factory is making me hungry!

Your job sounds like a dream!

MsKnowitAll said...

Don... thank you for coming through. Yes, I've received notification about all of your comments & I do appreciate them.

O.Diva... Cheesecake Factory is definitely one of my faves. My job is so really cool but the complete dream would be if the salary was just a tad bit higher. If it wasn't such a prestigious institution, it probably would be. Thanks for coming through again!