Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Worst Things to Say at Work

I found this article on AOL Careerbuilder this morning and added a little touch of my own.

This marks my 11th year working in a Library system. I’ve been a Librarian for almost 3 years and while I never thought this to be my dream job, there isn’t anything I would enjoy more. I truly love what I do. There are a lot of changes taking place not just in my department but system-wide and when I saw this article, I know that the 10 Worst Things To Say at Work applies...

1. "That's not my job."
Lately this has been my adage. I got a promotion last year July and the person who replaced me makes me question if she rode to school on the short bus. I was nice when she first arrived, I helped train her and I gave her all of the information she needs. However she’s still at my desk, calling or emailing me. I vented to my supervisor who told me to take the time out and train her but the entire situation makes me wish I followed my first mind and sent my resume outside of the Library for another position but strangely I’m loyal to this place.

2. "Yeah, no problem." (If you don't mean it.)
Who's got love for passive-aggressive people? No dangbody, that's who! Fortunately this isn’t an issue for us in my department, however this happens a lot in the Library and then you see the punk ducking you in the hallway, failing to answer emails and doing everything else except for what they said they have no problem doing…

3. "Don't tell anyone I said this, but ... "
With all of the changes and restructuring going on here, it’s hard not to spread the newest round of rumors heard.

4. "I haven't had a raise in four years."
Library workers might as well qualify as minimum wage workers. There are high paying jobs in some libraries and different areas but usually not in Public Libraries. Thank goodness most of us are union members however we only get a raise every 3 to 4 years so that’s just the norm for us. When I had a non-union Library job, that I so loved but couldn’t stand my supervisor, we got our full 4% raise each and every year.

5. "It's not my fault."
Imagine your boss/supervisor saying “Well who the hell else fault is it?" I can’t see anyone saying this at work, possibly ratting on another co-worker. Everyone at my job has very technical and individual titles so it is hardly anyone else’s fault but we can and sometimes do repeat #1, "that’s not my job”.

6. "To be honest with you... "
This is one statement that I can’t stand to hear. To be honest with you… is the beginning of something negative or as my co-worker, CB, says negatory.

7. "Whom did you vote for?"
After yesterday’s primaries, this is definitely an issue in the workplace today. I do not engage in political talks in the office. First off, who cares? Feel free to vote for whomever you like. Why engage in conversations like this when you’re only gonna get mad at someone else’s views and choice. The real question, especially for Black folks, is “Did you vote?" It’s best to keep conversations light & funny to help get you through the day not dampen it.

8. "I got so trashed last night ... "
Amongst your peers, your friends, this may be cool but getting “trashed” or drunk (the term I would use) is so really unattractive.

9. "I just didn't have enough time for that."
LOL – this is a funny one to because my supervisor would only say, “Oh yeah, you didn’t have time for it? Is it because you’ve been umm, I don’t know, blogging all dang day? Or is it because you’re glued to CB’s desk?”

10. ". . . or else."
The most likely response to follow would be “Or else, what?”. “Or else” is a threat. "Or else you gonna quit?" "Or else you gonna call our sick?" How about your supervisor telling you “Or else your ass is fired!”


deepnthought said...

I was always told to never use any of those phrases.

Divine Perception said...

I don't think you should ever get in trouble for being at CB's desk, she's such a great person. Does it seem that "It's not my fault", usually comes from the people on the second floor? Gotta go my songs on but you are soooo right with these sayings.