Friday, February 1, 2008

Nine things I am suspicious of...

Nine things I am suspicious of...

I borrowed this from DeepnThought's post yesterday. I've got what I call a suspicious mind. I should really entitle this "Ninety nine things I am suspicious of" because I am suspicious of everything (I get it from my mama). For the sake of posting, I can narrow it down to just nine.

Number 9.
Pyramid schemes. They come in all forms nowadays, Amway, Quixar, Noni Juice... I don't knock it for those bizarre, almost cultish type folks who sell their way to residual income but it makes my right eyebrow rise.

Number 8.
Religious fanatics. I'm referring to folks who don't say hello to you until they greet you in the Matchless, Marvelous, Wonderful, Faithful, Name of their Lord & Savior, Jeee-zus the Christ!" Praise da Lawd!

Number 7.
Men who like to hang around with you & your girlfriends. Look here, private girlfriend moments are our time for talking about the trifling and yes the wonderful things that men do. There's no room for testosterone.

Number 6.
People who can't make eye contact with you or are offended that you're looking them in their eyes.

Number 5.
Fast food specials. Though I hardly eat at fast foods... during the week... I am so suspicious of the 2 for $2 or 2 for $3 specials. Why in the world are they trying to get rid of all that meat & bread for?

Number 4.
People who just meet you and shorten your name. I seem to get that all of the time. I prefer someone be familiar and close to me before giving me a nickname or shortening my name.

Number 3.
People, especially men, who call their women Baby Girl, Sweetie, Sweets, Baby, Honey, Sugar. I had this man, DRE, who did this. No sweetheart, call me by my full name and you better not slip up and call me Donna, Tanisha, Yvette...

Number 2.
Bathrooms. No one's bathroom is exempt, not even my own. They are all germy and filled with strange bugs and even when they're clean, I think they are just plain ole dirty!

Number 1.
People who use pay phones. I'm not talking about people who use the pay phones on the subway platforms... well the pay phones that work on the subway platforms. Almost everybody has a cellular and almost everybody has a land line phone. If you're using a pay phone, a nasty germy pay phone at that, you're doing some talking that is definitely suspicious. Why can't you talk on the home phone? Huh? Why can't you call that person and let the cell number show up on the caller ID? Hmmm?


barb michelen said...
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Opinionated Diva said...

lmao@that number one suspicion, but you are sooooooo right! You just KNOW they're up to no good.

I hate the babygirl, boo, honey, blah blah blah...knock it off LOL!

I think I'm going to do this tomorrow.

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO!!!! I am always puzzled by the ones that can't make eye contact with you or the ones that purposely act like they are looking at something else when you pass by so that they don't have to look at you.

deepnthought said...

I thought I left a comment on this one. Oh well. (its the nyquil and comtrast combo I got going on over here.)

I love all of these. I am with you on the baby girl think. I have no problem asking the guy to learn my name. Pyramid schemes are the worse. please dont get me started on the pay phones. Coming from the type of family I have, we dont answer calls from pay phones. Period. lol

lijialefw said...
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