Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nostalgia for the 80s

Nostalgia describes a longing for the past, often in idealized form.

This weekend while vegging out in front of the TV enjoying the lengthy weekend, I happened upon VH1 Soul. The videos playing were Al B. Sure's "Nite and Day", Michell'le "No More Lies" and I got nostaligic for the 80s. Some people feel depressed when they ponder over the past and sometimes I do but I can't help but remember how easy it was back then... Just getting up, going to school, getting good grades, not worrying about work or money, just coasting. When it took no more than 3 days to get over heart break (Deshawn with your fine self!)...

I grabbed my pad and started missing....

My brother’s boom box
Osh Kosh Overalls
Acid wash & two tone jeans
Members only jackets
Leather bombers & sheepskins
Jelly sandals

Menudo & Michael Jackson buttons
L.A. gears
New Edition

Charm & rubber bracelets

Hanging out at the basketball courts until it started to get dark... oooh Derrick!
The old/original KSwiss, Filas, & New Balance
Wearing glasses when it was considered a trend and not a necessity (the knock-offs because Mama couldn’t afford no Cazals)

Cross colors & Karl Kani
Doc martin boots
Lace and fishnet stockings (which are also back in style but not as appealing as it was then) & Lace ankle socks
Janet Jackson’s song & video “Pleasure Principle” … I could have killed myself trying to do the part of the
dance with the chair
Oh well, all right – the entire Control album
Crushing on Theodore (Theo) Huxtable

Jamming to Computer Love, Teddy’s Jam, Anything by Keith Sweat, Just Got Paid, Roger & Zapp or any song created in the onset of the New Jack Swing era
Going to the movies to see School Daze 3 times... Doin' da butt!
My suede black Pumas with the silver on the side and my white on white shell top Adidas - BOTH pairs with fat laces
Stirrups – oh this woman here at work still rocks stirrup pants EVERYDAY! I wonder where she finds them because I want to that store and burn them all
Wearing scrunchy socks with Reebok classics in any flavor
Dookie gold earrings or in my case, the fake ones because Mama wasn’t buying ‘em.
Big up to my first boyfriend LG who bought my first pair of door knockers in the ninth grade

Cutting my hair into the Anita Baker style, later coined the Halle Berry
Purple Rain... The movie & the soundtrack
Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, The Get Fresh Crew & The Show


Divine Perception said...

I'm glad you brought it back to the eighties. I remember...oh wait I don't remember a lot of these things...lol. I was just born when a lot of that was in style. It's okay, I still got love for you. I had a crush on Theo too, once i was old enough to know who he was.

Don said...

Aw man, the first time we saw The Get Fresh Crew live, we just about lost our mind. To say it was a fresh show would be an understatement.

We're watching School Daze, as I type. lol.

Black Pumas, Filas, and Pony gym shoes were the bomb. Yep, and the fat laces. Remember when Izod anything was huge? lol.

co-sign the original K-Swiss. Them johnts were sweet. I used to love wearing them with Khaki's and long sleeve shirts.

That NE album was the bomb. Funny how we both had this in mind on our Tuesdays post. I have to post the Michele video now.

Enjoyed the read.

MsKnowitAll said...

Don... I noticed how we both had the NE album on the same day... whatta coincidence, but they do have a little saying about great minds...lol...

D.P... An eighties baby, boy o' boy! LOL