Thursday, February 21, 2008


February is almost done and I can't believe that I've yet to make any 2008 changes. My days go by with simple continuance, monotony, mundane. It would be nice if the flip of months of the calendar could be the means for changing my life.

I could be in one of my depressed stage because I simply want to go to sleep and wake up somebody else... A skinny somebody... A taller somebody... A wealthy somebody... but I'd probably have lingering issues and problems that I couldn't have imagined... nah, I'm good just being K... but I think I need to hit the sack before 12:30 a.m. because my ole body is telling me that 6 hours of rest ain't cutting it no more.

PROCRASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF TIME! And I procrastinate all of the time. I do some serious positive self-talking to get my lazy butt up and do the things like I need to do... like getting to work... rather than journal and daydream.

And then there's this thing I have with being on time... I'm not. I'm late for work everyday but once again I'm thankful that I work for such a flexible establishment... I'm not even bragging about being late because it's like a sickness or something that I just can't shake. For the past 2 days I woke up earlier than 6:30 and I still arrived to work by 9:50 a.m.! Well there was a slight train delay today so I may have been at work by 9:40 but it's still not 9:30 (the real time I'm scheduled to be in). I used to arrive in the office around 8:50 a.m. back in the day... like around 4 years ago... geesh!

My co-worker Saki is due for another lashing... I thought I was scornful but that chick has got me beat. My other co-worker, CB, has a cold that I think I may be catching by the way. If I find myself sneezing in multiples again, then I'll know it's her germs that caused it because yesterday she sneezed about 15 times in a row. Anyway, CB helped me replace the water bottle for the water cooler and Saki comes running with a tissue to wipe the bottle down. I'm cracking up thinking about it but at the time it was not funny. Me and CB kinda sorta ganged up on her but Saki is oblivious. Mind you CB didn't put her hand in the water. No she just touched the bottle that nobody touches unless they will be replacing it once it's empty and since Saki doesn't do that, she doesn't have a thing to worry about. Unless CB's germs are gonna crawl and squirm into the water and infect all who drink it. Saki could have rubbed some alcohol on the bottle of water... or she could have had some hand sanitizer on the tissue but she just used a dry K.leenex.

I had this crazy dream last night that me and my co-workers were doing the "Remember the Time" dance in some dance studio. We were all doing the dance on step, in time, in the beginning but towards the end we forgot the dance moves and of course I was embarrassed since I'm a trained dancer and all and this dude that I used to date at work was in the back, not dancing, and looking at me like I was some fiasco. Then my other co-worker, who I'll call R. comes over with his hand on his hip and says "Honey, I don't know why they teach us these stupid little dances when we're going to Long Island City anyway". I guess I have subliminal issues about my job grouping a bunch of related divisions and relocating all of us into a single building in a whole 'nother borough.

I can't seem to shake Ayo's "Down on My Knee's" out of my head. I've been dancing to the song and singing the chorus all day long. "Down on my knees... I'm begging you..."

Last thing... the fire alarm goes off in the building and it's almost 5:00 p.m. I'm due to stay at work until 5:50... but I'm tempted to grab my bag, coat and put my boots back on so I can head skraight home. I'm in the middle of blogging anyway, so I opt to stay at work when Saki comes over to me, leaving her desk and walking all the way over to mine just to tell me to call security. I know her accent is thick and she may not articulate as well as the other people in our department so I just slip my head phones on and turn Musiq up a little louder...


Lovebabz said...

This is my first trip here via CapCity's blog. I love your blog. I love the way your mind works in telling about your life at the moment.

When you are ready to be on time, you will be. When you are ready to be thinner you will be. I can't say anything about being taller, except maybe when your ready you'll buy higher heeled shoes? (smile)

I am with you.

MsKnowitAll said...

LoveBabz... Thank you for stopping by, I am honored. And thanks for the pep talk, I need that!

Divine Perception said...

In the fewest words I can say about Saki, she has no life. How can a person be so offensive and be oblivious? Stop trying to blame CB for your illness when Saki came to work hella sick. She started the whole damn thing to begin with.