Friday, February 8, 2008


I'm so thankful today....

  • Thankful that it's Friday and although I have a busy weekend ahead, I don't have to hustle and bustle down to the city
  • Thankful for the little shy boy on the train who smiled at me when he made eye contact and covered up his eyes when I smiled back at him
  • Thankful for my mom giving me a Starbuck's card that I intend to use after work
  • Thankful for the quiet now that everyone has left to go home
  • Thankful for my co-workers who make the day go by so much faster & for the laughter during lunch
  • Thankful for Lady Saw's "No Long Talkin" playing and keeping me alert while I listen to Pandora
  • Thankful for income tax returns
  • Thankful for the yogurt & muffin I ate for lunch from Zeytinz ... dang that yogurt was good
  • Thankful for the Ash Wednesday service that I attended & received ashes on my forehead
  • Thankful for a wonderful week sans complaints & moanings

HaVe A wOnDeRfUl WeEkEnD!

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