Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Here's another post about my wacky dreams. I honestly had to laugh at this one because it was so dang crazy but here goes...

I was out with my mom shopping for clothes. I guess it was supposed to be in a department store but it looked like the wholesale stores down in the garment district. In walks James Earl Jones and he asked if he could take me to dinner and to the theatre. I accepted right away with a smile. My mother is standing there glaring at me, hating. My mom is in loooooooove with James Earl Jones.

He told me to pick out a dress and he would pay for it. So I grab this black number that looks very much like my black night gown that I wore to bed last night. I put the dress on and it looks different on me but looks too old for me. James comes over and starts to adjust the dress and I look into the mirror and suddenly I'm fabulous. The dress was sleeveless with a drape in the front, close fitting and very revealing.

So we leave the store and head off for dinner. We go to a very elegant restaurant where he shows me how and where to put my napkin, which kind of wine to order, which utensil to use. As if I don't already know and I go along for the sake of James Earl Jones giving me lessons.

Then he takes me home in a limo and he walks me to my apartment door. He leans in for a kiss, I tilt my head upward and it's the worst kiss ever. His lips are hard, the tongue is hard. Everything is wrong, wrong, wrong. Suddenly my apartment door swings open and there behind the door are my separated parents. My mother is mad as hell and my dad is equally mad. I tell James good night and I head inside.


I am in the beamer with my OTJ#2 boyfriend, from here on I will refer to him as JT. So JT is driving and he makes an illegal u-turn on the Grand Concourse. The Grand Concourse is this huge boulevard that runs through the Bronx. After the u-ey, JT turns into my guy and I'm yelling at him for driving so reckless and possibly getting himself a ticket. JT/My guy, takes me to a party my co-workers are throwing. Saki is there along with my other co-workers, India and CB. The party has yet to begin and they are setting up and I know I need to leave in order to meet James Earl Jones for the theater. They are asking me to help put out the grapes, strawberries, pineapples and cake. The cake is left over cake from a cook out that me and my guy had 3 weeks ago and I'm livid that they are trying to feed me old cake.


I'm in a small room. CB is in the room with me. My guy is off in the corner mad - probably because I'm meeting James Earl Jones later on. And JT is in this room too. There's a twin size bed in the room that me and CB are laying on, chatting like school girls. I call my home phone to see if James called me because I'm running late so I'm thinking of rescheduling to the next evening but my dad answers the phone. I asked him what was he doing in my house and why was he answering my phone. He told me that he didn't like me dating a man around his age and that he thought I was just playing games with James and that I should be more focused and serious. I told him that I was serious and that I liked James a lot and I just wanted to be his friend. I told my dad to hang up, check my caller ID and my messages and to call me back in case James called. I didn't hear back from my father.

CB asks me how was it kissing James and I tell her how bad it was but I liked his companionship. Just then one of my friends, his name is Brown, Brown walks in. Now Brown has these beautifully full, luscious lips. When he walks in he says "Heyyyyyy! Special K! I jump over CB in the bed, meet Brown mid-air in an embrace and fall to the floor kissing him.

Then I wake up.

Don't ask me NUTHIN'! I don't know why I dreamt about James Earl Jones. I have no idea why my guy and JT were interchanging in my dream. I don't know why my guy was even there when I am clearly feeling James. Why am I kissing Brown with my guy in the room and JT - I dunno! It's just my crazy dreaming again. LOL


Kiayaphd said...

Ms K, I'm not a Freudian by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm guessing that even He would be crackin' up at this dream. You are SERIOUSLY trying to work some stuff out!!

Ticia said...

This is some freak ish..........

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Stealing your momma's man . . .shame on you.

You need to go to Barnes and Nobles and purchase a few dream books. Then tell me what your dreams mean and what the lottery number will be tomorrow night.

MsKnowitAll said...

Kiaya... my dreams are always crazy. I can't even imagine WHAT Freud might say! LOL

Ticia... lol... it is freaky, isn't it?

Queen... I didn't mean to take my mama's man! LOL & LMAO at the lottery number.

Anonymous said...

You stole CB's man. You know how she feels about James. The kiss was bad because those lips are suppose to be for CB. He was cheating and now that she knows he will be dealt with.

You have an interesting mind.

MsKnowitAll said...

Divine... maybe I did steal her man because she must have stolen the juices straight from his lips!

stevwikd said...

I must tell you, that I appreciate this immensely. I had a rather crazy dream last night and I don't know whether to take it at face value or to try and get something from it. My dream was very real. As in it could really happen. I don't mean to discredit your dream or anything but yours is a little less likely. lol...

But thank you. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that thinks dreams are strange.