Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My O Thang

I recently read the book “A Piece of Cake”. It’s a startling memoir by Cupcake Brown. She lived a gritty life as a youngster only to blossom as an attorney and a motivational speaker. After reading the book, I visited her website where she has a blog and this is my spin off of one of her posts. Actually I used to do this as journal writings when I was in grad school. I would take a letter say A and then find words that matched my great and wonderful qualities like awesome, ambitious. Yeah – grad school for Information and Library Science wasn’t one of the most stimulating studies.

Well here’s my spin with the letter O.....

I know I need to organize before things become really busy and I lose myself.

I want to create some order in my life while there is still peace.

I strongly desire oneness in my relationship, oneness in my intentions that will follow-through in my actions.

Most of all, I know I need to be optimistic in all things.

I would like to open myself to my friends (especially those who uplift and empower me) finding new friends and attending inspiring events.

I would like to look for new opportunities to enhance my career – that’s a must! I'm getting bored where I am and this makes my 11th year in this place!

I would to like to overhaul to my apartment with some new paint, a few pieces of new furniture – feng shui the place but I’m trying to create order with my finances and pay off my one big ole nasty credit card and that should be finished by November.

My supervisor is a little funky and I’m thinking it’s because I’m a little too social. I can’t help it, I love to chitchat and talk smack and I have quite a few chums in the building and it bothers her but I have to overlook that. Plus I bust out my work so she really tries not to complain but I can sense the tension.

My new aim is to observe more and speak less. I talk toooooo much.

One of my favorite O words... orgasm... even Dr. Phil said it's a necessity so there, that's a solid need.


The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I was trying to quickly think of some O words to use in my comments. My mind doesn't work that fast.

I am going to get a notebook and go through the alphabet. This should be fun.

Outstanding post.

MsKnowitAll said...

Queen... Thank you! LOL @ you for trying to think of more O words.

Monique said...

An orgasm is a necessity. Just don't let them take over you in your dreams like me. LOL

MsKnowitAll said...

Monique... if I had an O in my sleep, I'd be a happy camper in the morning. I'm jealous of you :(.
My guy would be pissed if he was next to me because he'd be thinking it wasn't him who brought me to happiness. The truth is, he'd probably be right. LOL

Eb the Celeb said...


Lena said...

I love love that book!
Surprisingly, I never went to her site. Now I will, thanks.

MsKnowitAll said...

Lena... she has a really cool site, very down to earth. Her book was one of the realest I read in a while.

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