Friday, August 15, 2008

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

I am a very moody, emotional person and sometimes it doesn't take a whole lot to get me from happy to fight mode. But I’m learning how to channel my moods, not to give in to my emotions and to find something, an anchor, for which to hold.

Most times I grab the Bible and a concordance so I can locate just what I’m feeling and read a scripture to speak to me right where I need it. Sometimes I will grab the book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Women” by Kristine Carlson. The "Don’t Sweats" are a widely circulated book series. In this book, Kristine Carlson offers advice to women for the little things that we do that rob us of experiencing the larger experience, seeing the bigger picture.

A few of my favorites…

Don’t Sweat says: Low Moods Are Only Temporary
My Spin: Unless I give them 2 legs, 2 arms and a mouth to mouth off – low moods do not have to turn into anything more than temporary. I don’t like to stay low for long – I will reach for a book, the phone or the stereo for some music to bust me out of my funk. I’m all for riding through my feelings but definitely not for staying in the bad feelings zone for long.

Don’t Sweat says: When All Else Fails, Laugh
My spin: I thought about this the other night while watching Wipe Out – that crazy Japanese inspired reality show where the contestants to go through the most absurd obstacle courses that are designed for them all to fall on their faces, splash in mud or water – it’s hilarious. If you get a kick out of seeing people fall like I do, this is definitely a show that can get you out of a bad mood.

Don’t Sweat says: Plan an Inspiration Flow Day
My Spin: Imagine a day where you do nothing but the things that inspire you. You don’t go to work, you don’t have to answer to your partner or spouse, you don’t have to come up with the ultimate excuse for your boss, you just get up and go, sleep all day, take a class, go to a movie, bathe, don’t bathe – whatever – as long as you are inspired and rejuvenated. I don’t do this half as much as I would like to but one of these days, soon and very soon, I am definitely I am going to plan a day just for inspiration. Then I can return to the humdrum of the everyday the next day or another day but just not on my inspiration flow day.

Don’t Sweat says: Speak From Your Love – Listen From Your Love
My Spin: These are 2 separate entries in the book but the context is the same. When speaking and listening to my friends and loved ones I must squash the inner nag, the inner therapist who is always insightful and correct – sometimes I have to speak and listen not from the part of me that is annoyed or triggered by what the person has just said but from my heart. I must imagine feeling what the other person is feeling and speak to that person as I were speaking to heal, nurture, inspire, my own self.
*Image: "Feeling Free" by LaShun Beal


(vixenchick) said...

I like that.

Monique said...

Dang, I need to get this book.

Kiayaphd said...

speaking and listening from my heart. . . that's exactly where I am right now. Thank you for the confirmation.

MsKnowitAll said...

Thank you VixenChick!

Monique... It's really a lovely book speaking to life's lessons and all that we spend too much time getting worked up over. You should get it and we can collab on some posts...

Kiaya... Wow, we are on the same page, Sis!

Lovebabz said...

I so needed this today at this moment...thank you. You have no idea how this lifted my spirits.

Enjoy the weekend!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Laughing. If I wasn't always laughing I would be crying. I have to try to find the humor in my days even the bad ones.
My children and I watch that show sometimes.

You are always very insightful when you post.

When I grow up I want to be just like you.

Monique said...

I definitely plan to hit up the bookstore for it. I was talking to my girlfriend about your post today and she too said the book was excellent.

Eb the Celeb said...

I live by the low moods one...

I am always getting in a funk and friends worry about me I'm always so full of energy but I know they are short lived and I will pass and I will be my crazy self again

MsKnowitAll said...

Lovebabz... You're welcome Mama! So glad that we're syncing.

Queen... I too feel that way that I would be crying because when I laugh, I laugh really hard... and loud. Thank you!

Mo... Grab this book! Mine is highlighted, dog eared - it's right to the point. A good choice.

Eb... Us moody girls - LOL... hey low moods happen. Just as long as those around understand that it will pass. I'm loving that Algebra song you have on your blog - singing it in my head.