Monday, August 25, 2008


7 years ago I was battling a severe case of whatever it is I come down with when I leave the Caribbean and Mexico. It started as I was leaving the cruise ship. I couldn't hold down food, the toilet bowl was my best friend.

I came home early on Saturday, August 24th and slept through the night. I woke up early in the morning and looked down at my thighs and noticed they were considerably smaller. I decided to step on my scale to satisfy my mind's query. Sure enough I lost 10 pounds overnight. Never before nor after have I been able to manage that feat.

I laid back down because whatever it was had taken hold of me again. I awoke to the phone ringing. I answered. My friend, Mickey, was crying. Are you listening to the radio, K? Did you hear about her? Aaliyah is dead.

I am a skeptic. I believe NOTHING until I see the proof for myself. Far too often we hear rumors about someone passing when they are actually alive and well. I am upset that the media killed Bernie Mac off a week before he actually passed away. Makes me wanna believe that all of the gossip powers were able to take him out, yet I know it's not that simple.

I hung up with Mickey, explaining to her that I was under the weather. I turned the radio on and they were playing Aaliyah songs. That meant nothing. I listened some more until the radio DJ mentioned that Aaliyah Haughton had passed away in a plane crash. Now I understood Mickey's tears. Though she is emotional and has a tendency of falling in love and carrying on relationships with celebrities (she was the one in a relationship with Jay-Z), she was crying for me. I had just arrived from a trip overseas and it was my first time flying. Everyone including my mother was nervous about me flying, except me. For Mickey, Aaliyah's death could have easily been mine.

Today marks the 7th anniversary of Aaliyah's death. I am not one for observing death dates, I prefer to observe their birth dates, yet I can't help but remember how fortunate I felt that day, how sad I was and though Aaliyah was not an off the meter pop singer, I love her music and I miss her.

"I Don't Wanna"


The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

First. ..Aaliyah was so beautiful. I really liked her. It is hard to believe it is 7 years. I guess because I listen to her music like it just came out yesterday.

I remember watching the events on television as they were unfolding.

That is so sad to have a young taltented girl's life cut down so short.

My sister said the same thing about Bernie and the gossip.

Now, I am sorry that your vacation memories include being so sick. Hopefully, you have a few good ones in there too.
And thankfully, you got home safely.

Don said...

I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was a sad day cause you just knew that she was gone too soon. From her music I could tell she was a sweet soul and you hate to see things like this happened to anyone, especially the sweet souls of the world.

She had an angelic aura about herself, didn't she?

MsKnowitAll said...

Queen... Aaliyah was so beautiful. I did enjoy the trip, one of the best I've taken. I always get sick when leaving the Caribbean, it was my first but not my only time - I don't know what it is. I love Aaliyah's music. "If Your Girl Only Knew" is one of my ringtones on my phone.

Don... Aaliyah's voice, her agile, graceful movements - she definitely had an angelic aura. I echo your sentiments exactly.

MzNewy said...

I remember the day too...I was lying across the bed still groggy from sleep and thought it was a dream...I heart hurt...she was gone too soon. At that time, I was still fairly young and thought you only died young if you lived fast and hard. Rest in Peace, Babygurl.

MsKnowitAll said...

MzNewy... the live by the sword, die by the sword theory... her death widely resounded in our community.
i remember having to talk to my 13 year-old nephew because he just couldn't wrap his head about her death - he thought only old people died, plus he loved her so.

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